Sombuizi is a K'anaman granular cheese that is made from the milk of a Eastern Forest Dzrokha. Ripened and then aged for 48 months, Sombuizi is produced in the form of a wheel that has then cut and then afterwards grated. Sombuizi is noted being popular alongside Highlanders Cuisine, a form of cuisine popular within the Eastern Highlands. Sombuizi is considered a historical counterpart of Zhongya as a cheese. Sombuizi's exterior is colored an opaque, rough textured yellowish color, while the interior is an off-white color. Sombuizi is often served alongside the Imedian Highlander Snowberry as they are considered a staple of Highlanders Cuisine.

Sombuizi is considered to have an extremely malleable base which allows it to have a flexible flavor texture. Many different flavors and varieties have been produced using the base of the Sombuizi and keeping a similar pattern to the original recipe. Traditional Sombuizi is called K'anaman Tree Sombuizi, or simply K'anaman Sombuizi; K'anaman Tree Sombuizi refers to the use of the original base of Eastern Forest Dzrokha milk with the original recipe of blending salt and Cloud Powder. While Sombuizi is identified as apart of Akannus cuisine, it is more associated with Akanovan cuisine and Highlander culture.

Sombuizi originated from the city of K'anama during the Pre-Constructionist Era and is one of the oldest cheeses known. The practice of Sombuizi being created is traced back to writings held by the Azarbek family, a noble family from the Eastern Highlands that immigrated to K'anama. The Azarbek family are typically credited with the creation of Sombuizi, where the cheese was sourced from Eastern Forest Dzrokha. Sombuizi is most well known as K'anaman Tree Sombuizi as the Azarbek family retained a tradition of hanging Sombuizi from trees in nets as apart of their production process and to sell them.

Today, traditional K'anaman Tree Sombuizi is made exclusively in K'anama within what is now called the Sombuizi District. Other forms of Sombuizi is retained within K'anama and the surrounding areas, along with the Eastern Highlands and the cities of Serenope and Senadon.