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Formation6 May 2002; 20 years ago (2002-05-06)
HeadquartersMerseyside, Speke
Increase$79.200 billion (2022)
12,000 (2021)

SpekeX Aeronautics, or more commonly known as just "SpekeX" is Speke's biggest private aerospace and aeronautic company headquarted in the eastern city of Wielek.


In 2002, SpekeX was founded. It started with the idea of colonizing Stratos. Stratos, at the moment, has no biological life although the prescense of water might say otherwise.


SpekeX Aircraft Fleet
Aircraft In service Orders Passenger Notes
A330 Freighter 27 Used to transport SpekeX equipment, rocket parts, satellite hubs, or other items requested.
L10XXL 5 Used to transport rocket parts or other items in bulk.
Total 32

Goals & Programs

SpekeX has a goal to launch around 600 Orbitlink Satellites into Low Earth Orbit around Anteria. At the moment, they have launched 120 satellites. 2 imaging satellites purchased from 2 nations in Anteria have also been sent into space to monitor the situation during the possible outbreak of the Assumptarian-Plattinian War. Speke's government has ordered to send 4 spy satellites over the combantant nations to monitor the situation with a resolution of 2cm per pixel.


SpekeX has planned to launch 2000 Orbitlink Satellites into LEO to provide fast internet speeds across Anteria with extremly low latencys. Users in the Beta testing program have been satisfied with the results, speeds reaching up to 1GBPS download speeds and 780MBPS upload. The technology is set to be used on aircraft too, to provide internet in the air.

Anterian Space Station

The Anterian Space Station is a proposed space station which is being designed, meant for use by Anterian nations. The project is being developed by SpekeX at the moment, with no countries showing interest at the moment.


SpekeX launches a historic rover to Stratos using the Valk 9 Rocket. It has landed on Stratos earlier in 2021 and is performing vital science experiments on the planet.


SpekeX received criticism for a few reasons, one being Orbitlink's visibility during the night sky. A train of satellites is almost visible every night across Anterian skys at a magnitude of around 3.2