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Sekidean Union

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Anthem: For the nations, strong together (ISU)
Multiple national anthems
Largest cityCanton
Official languagesCommon
Languages of member states
LegislatureSekidean Cabinet of Leaders
• Shanghou Pact established
3 March 1957
• Sekidean Union established
1 January 1983
• Inner Union established
1 January 2012
• Water (%)
HDI (2019)Increase 0.934
very high
CurrencySekinar (ISU) (SEK)
Multiple local
Time zoneUTC-8; -7; -6; -5; -41/2; -4; -3

Sekidean Union is a miltiary and economic organization in Anteria that separetes itself into Inner and Outer Unions, which associates a total of 17 countries. It cooperates closely with Dokodo Union via the Kasian Council and with the Norterric Assembly via an association treaty. It was formed by a unionisation of Shanghou Pact and Purple Community into one union (although the two unions technically exist to this day and are politically frozen).

Member States


The Sekidean Union is consisting of a total of 17 countries, however, due to multiple federal agreements and past decisions, in the Sekidean Treaty System, there are total of 20 independent entities.

Member entities
(20 total)
Member states
(17 total)


Shanghou Pact


Purple Community


Split in the union










All-Union rules

Agreement of the merger of Shanghou Pact and Purple Community into Sekidean Union
Presented23 June 1982
Ratified14 November 1982
Date effective1 January 1983
LocationGimyeong, Prei Meas
Author(s)Ulman Чuчlik, former Zhoushi president
Media typeInternational Document
PurposeBetter stability in the region

Following text includes obligatory rules to all SU countries as they were signed:

Agreement of the merger of Shanghou Pact and Purple Community into Sekidean Union

  1. Obligation to defend other member if he is attacked
  2. Free trade agreement
  3. No customs or border tariffs
  4. Obligation to remain neutral or pro-government if a civil war or a coup d'etat begins in a member country
  5. Right to vote in the pact manners
  6. Obligation to treat other pact member's citizens or respective minorities that are a majority or a plurality in other member country or have their home territory in other member country kindly, meaning no directed harassment or violence and offer them right to ask for a court in their home country or the country having a majority of their ethnicity in if the country is in the alliance
  7. Members shall recognize our joint history and culture and work together to protect our joint heritage
  8. We shall vote together on issues concerning culture and mineral extraction and trade
  9. Every member country gets a right to make polls for others to vote, majority/plurality/unanimous vote requirements to be set in a further agreements (to be determined on a further summit requiring an unanimous vote to enact)
  10. Every Member is allowed to move through the Canton Canal and the Colonia-Pinžak with Military Ships, for this Canton is allowed to charge toll on the Canton Canal and the Committee formed by Gadorien, Zhousheng and Monte Blanco on the Colonia-Pinžak Canal
  11. Members agree to protect only the mainland or the heart territory of each state, colonies remaining unprotected by the pact as their position doesn't apply to the original Pact conditions
  12. If a new member asks to join, an unanimous vote is required. To apply, a country must be bordering an existing pact member or have a reasonable naval connection that can not be easily disrupted by a foreign non-pact military power in the region

In 2002, text was amended with a second section considering rather functionality than purpose of the union:

Functionality amendment

  1. Countries get right to join a free movement union
  2. Neither SHANGHOU PACT or PURPLE COMMUNITY have dissolved, but contain only the former member of the founding alliances, newcomers are members of neither
  3. Both members and founders are member of the supranational entity – the SEKIDEAN UNION
  4. All joining countries agree to give up their right to vote after 3 days of the vote, meaning that if new vote is declared on the 1st of October at 5:37 PM GMT, all countries which have not cast their vote before 4th of October at 5:37 PM GMT officially agree to abstain from voting, meaning that votes are concluded as if the non-participating country had voted neutrally
  5. Countries agree to develop military assets using a standardized calibre for each type of weapon with the exception for armament for special forces
  6. For opening of the SU-lead negotiations, more than 50% of the SU members must agree for it
  7. Joining the SU must be proceeded with a unanimous (no negatives) vote and a negotiation that can be opened with official application for membership
  8. To change the founding charter unanimous (no negatives) vote must be required with at least 75% of people voting in favour of the edit
  9. SU mission must have at least 50% of the SU members voting in favour before it is approved
  10. Country can be kicked from the Sekidean Union if at least 65% of votes on the kicking vote are for the proposal (and negative votes work like negative positives and are subtracted from the percentage)
  11. On other votes, ≥50% of votes must be AYE for the vote to pass, but NAY serves as a negative aye, meaning that if there are 4 ayes and 2 nays, it is just like if there were just 2 ayes

Foreign missions

Emblem of the Azureden mission

Current missions

Currently, Sekidean Union is participating in 2 foreign missions:

  • AzuredenFlag.png Azureden - SU controlled a 100km wide strip of land on Preimeai border as a buffer zone for 3 years. Currently Preimeai, Mustelarian and Gadori forces operate directly against the Coalition and support the Azurites.

Pan-Sekidean Organs

Cabinet of Leaders

Sekidean Cabinet of Leaders is a unofficial name for the regular breefings by leaders of all Sekidean Countries and activities, in which every country gets one vote and which leads to the maintenance of the Sekidean Union as a unified organization.

Military Headquarters


Treaty Court

Sekidean Treaty court is the only Union institution, that has a jurisdiction over all Sekidean members, not just the Inner Union. Its role is to uphold and enforce the following of the Sekidean Charter by SU member countries and punish any violation of the treaty, be it by a fine or by a legal challenge. This organ is based in Palača Bogov, Torvon