Strait of Quetana

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Strait of Quetana
Playa Dias, Cape Point, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-23, DD 103.jpg
The Strait of Quetana as seen from Tedura, Quetana, the easternmost point on the Adulan continent.
LocationCantalle Ocean, Olympic Ocean
Basin countries
Min. width52 km (32 mi)
Max. depth306 metres (1,003 ft)

The Strait of Quetana, also known as the Quetana Strait, is a narrow strait that connects the Cantalle Ocean to the Olympic Ocean and separates the continent of Euronia from Adula between western Zamastan and eastern Quetana. The two continents are separated by 52 kilometres (32 miles; 28 nautical miles) of ocean at the Strait's narrowest point between Tedura, Quetana, and Irocarres, Zamastan.