Sublustrian League

FormationDecember 6, 2016; 3 years ago (2016-12-06)
PurposeTo promote the common heritage of Sublustria, and cooperation between its states

The Sublustrian League is a pan-Vehemenic organization founded in 2016, which aims to promote indigenous cultures within the Sublustrian region and provide various services accordingly. Apart from hosting an extensive linguistic library of Sublustrian dictionaries, it has partnered with several universities to provide the subject Sublustrian Studies to students both native and foreign. The Sublustrian League's stated goal is to elevate indigenous Vehemenic cultures, such as Sublustrians and Valentirian Aborigines, without compromising their cultural and religious background and worldview. The League has been criticized for redundancy, with critics noting that the majority of Sublustrian archipelagos are under indigenous authority already, but the League claims it can promote the economic development and increasing quality of life in these regions while still elevating aboriginal populations in Euclean-dominant areas such as Valentir and Mihi Mai Ra, both of which have a predominantly Euclean elite due to their respective colonial legacies.


The Sublustrian League defines itself as an international cooperative dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and flourishing of Vehemenic cultures, and the socioeconomic elevation of aboriginal populations in post-colonial circumstances. Its stated goals include:

  • The preservation of aboriginal Vehemenic cultures
  • Developing the international consciousness and awareness of aboriginal Vehemenic nations
  • Outlining the achievements and contributions of aboriginal Vehemenic peoples
  • Fostering an educational atmosphere to depose colonial mindsets and worldviews
  • Aiding the reconciliation between aboriginal and colonial populations
  • Encouraging cooperation between polities in the Sublustrian region
  • Promoting a common Sublustrian regional identity

In practice, the Sublustrian League has been involved in many grassroots campaigns and academia alike to further its agenda. The addition of Sublustrian Studies courses in universities helps to counter stereotypes and colonialist tropes often held by foreign or colonial populations with regards to Vehemenic peoples, while its active role in the establishment of the Euclean University of Matuwahine has been praised as "revolutionary" in the field. Although a relatively new organization lacking in sufficient time to mark long-term changes, the Sublustrian League has helped to lay the foundation for greater unity and understanding within Sublustria proper, and fostered unprecedented levels of international cooperation.


The Sublustrian League's founding charter details that League meetings should be attended by a delegate from each constituent 'nation', but does not define what qualifies a nation. Accordingly, members are permitted autonomous decision of definition for the term. The purpose behind refusing a standardized definition was intended to allow aboriginal peoples to define where their limits and relationships were, but has come under criticism for its vagueness and the failure to innately protect the rights of aboriginal peoples by allowing colonial governments to define them beyond representation.

The Celestial Empire contributes a total of 5 delegates, representing the Celestial Isles, Fatafafolu, Iwikuamo'o, Kakanui, and the Puhi people. By its internal definition, these are the constituent confederations of the Empire, and so the Yocatullic government offers each a separate seat in the League assembly to suit their own cultural and national purposes. The delegates are selected by each confederate government independently and autonomously, with no imperial influence or interference in the process.





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Y - Yocatullic, F - Fatafofoluan, I - Iwikuamoan, K - Kakanuean, P - Puhi, A - Arateran