Sultan Suleiman Khan

Sultan Suleiman Ahmed Khan, better known as Sultan Suleiman Kham, was the Sultan of Sharifistan from 2014 till his death in 2020, an Army officer from 2006-2008, an author and an Oxford graduate. He is also revered as a saint amongst some of Sharifistan's Sufi Muslims. He was known for his outspoken and often controversial views on a range of topics as well as his alleged affair with Roxanne De France.

Suleiman Khan
Sultan of Sharifistan
fatherSultan Ahmed Khan
BornSultan Suleiman Khan
Madinat Al-Islam Hospital, Madinat Al-Islam, Sharifistan
SpouseQueen Maryam Khan, Queen Aisha Khan, Queen Khadijah Khan, Queen Roxanne De France
IssuePrincess Khadijah Khan, Prince Muhammad Khan, Princess Maryam Khan, Prince Abdullah Khan, Prince Ahmed Khan, Prince Ali Khan
royal dynastyHouse of Khan
FatherSultan Ahmed Khan
MotherQueen Aisha Khan
OccupationSultan, former Army officer, author of How to be A good King

early life and education

He was born into the Sharifistani royal family and attended a prestigious and highly expensive private primary school and a prestigious secondary school. He then attended Oxford University, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics and graduating in these subjects with a Bachelor of Science Course.

military career

Prince Suleiman Khan joined the Royal Madinat Al-Islam Infantry regiment as an officer at the age of 22 in 2006 and served in Balochistan winning the Distinguished Gallantry Medal. He left at the rank of Major in 2009, having served for three years.


Suleiman Ahmed Khan

Distinguished Gallantry Medal.
Birth nameSuleiman Khan
BornMadinat Al-Islam
AllegianceSultanate of Sharifistan
Service/branchRoyal Army
Years of service2006-2009
Service number445622731
UnitRoyal Madinat Al-Islam Infantry
Commands heldPlatoon #5556 (first command), 25th Company
AwardsDistinguished Gallantry Medal
Spouse(s)Khadijah Khan
Other workcharity trustee, Effendi, Sultan of Sharifistan, author of How to be a Good King

Sultan Of Sharifistan

As Sultan of Sharifistan Sultan Suleiman Khan is known in his own country for modernising reforms such as introducing democratic elections, raising the marriagable age to 16 and allowing women to join the Navy. Internationally he is known for his opposition to the abortion of viable fetuses and his traditional views on gender such as his disagreement with allowing women to join the infantry and his support of male protectiveness of women but also patriarchal families.

personal life

Sultan Suleiman Khan had 4 wives and 9 children. He was diagnosed with Aspergers' Syndrome at the age of 5. His net worth was $3 billion.


Sultan Suleiman Khan has been controversial for his open support of patriarchy (which he claims most women he knows support),his harsh views on rapists and an alleged affair with Roxanne De France who later became ambassador to Wallenburg and his wife.


He was assassinated by Danistarbian criminals in 2020, later found to be part of Danistarab's organised crime scene. This provoked the 1st Sharifistani-Danistarabian War



Suleiman Ahmed Khan

Bachelor of Arts, Distinguished Gallantry Medal
Sultan of Sharifistan
BornSuleiman Ahmed Khan
August the 3rd 1984
Madinat Al-Islam Old, Madinat Al-Islam,Sharifistan
HometownMadinat Al Islam
ResidenceMadinat Al-Islam
Venerated inSufi Islam
Major shrinea Mevlevi shrine Madinat Al-Islam
PatronageKings, Army officers, Sharifistan, Royal Madinat Al-Islam Infantry and it's soldiers, authors, pro-life campaigners and murder victims
Controversyalleged affair with Roxanne De France, alleged sexism and support for the sterilisation of rapists
Major worksHow to Be A Good King