Federation of Taunux

Ομοσπονδία Ταυνυκς
Flag of Taunux
CapitalDaragas (Δταραγας)
Official languagesTaunuxi, Greek
Demonym(s)Taunuxian, Taunuxi
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
• President
Aris Mattidis (Αρις Ματτιδτις)
• Prime minister
Iosif Stefanos Salelis (Ιοςιφ Στεφανος Σαλελις)
LegislatureHellenic Parliament
• Total
355,001 km2 (137,067 sq mi)
• 2020 census
14,739,192 hab.
• Density
41.52/km2 (107.5/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$376,530 million ACU
• Per capita
25,510 ACU
Gini (2020)42.6
HDI (2020)0.792
CurrencyTeng (TEG)
Time zoneUTC+3
Driving sideright
Calling code+267
Internet TLD.tx

Taunux, officially known as the Federation of Taunux is a Hellenic nation located on the continent of Astariax on the planet Anteria. It borders Sorlyset and Russatrova to the north, the desert to the east, Wellsenfaile to the south and the Sunadic ocean to the west.




Citizens of Taunux over the age of 19 are legally allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. An election is held every 5 years to elect the 300 members of the Hellenic Parliament. Taunux uses the proportional D'Hondt method in their elections with a threshold of 3%. Elections are held in each district to elect a number of representatives proportional to the population in each district. Since the Democratic revolution of 1901 there have been 23 iterations of the Hellenic Parliament with the election of the 24th set for August of this year.

Administrative regions


In 2020 Taunux had a population of 14,739,192 of which almost 99% lived west of the mountains due to the inhospitable desert of the east side. The capital city of Daragas is the largest city in Taunux with its district population being 4,392,187. The least populated region is the Northeastern Territory with 14,872 inhabitants.

District/Territory Population
Daragas 4,392,187
Harela 3,124,871
Deres 1,734,543
Zerani 1,701,367
Tharos 1,023,723
Parayt 739,172
Inos 535,274
Kazemi 521,876
Ezami 492,372
Rotas 301,923
Northern Territory 92,189
Southern Territory 64,832
Northeastern Territory 14,872




Taunux has 2 major international airports. Daragas International Airport(DAG) and Harelas City Airport(HEX). Combined the two airports saw 32.5 million passengers in 20219.

Daragas International Airport.