Tawerdh Gruna

Tawerdh Gruna
Tawerdh Gruna logo.png
Tawerdh Gruna's logo
MottoMoving towards a Greener, Cleaner Future
FormationJune 24, 1971; 50 years ago (1971-06-24)
HeadquartersKadspyra, Kelonna
Region served

Tawerdh Gruna (stylised Tawerdh gruna, Kelnish meaning green future; TG) is a Kelonnan environmentalist organisation, headquartered in the city of Kadspyra. Founded in the 1970s, it has grown to become one of the foremost environmental lobbying groups in southwest Astyria and has an international membership of over four thousand volunteer workers. According to its mission statement, Tawerdh Gruna "strives for a better future in a greener Astyria" and works to protect endangered species and habitats across the region. Its funding is primarily from over eight hundred thousand private individuals.

Tawerdh Gruna has faced criticism as a result of its controversial methods. Although it primarily lobbies and organises public debates and demonstrations, its membership have been known to carry out acts of violence against corporations and government officials connected with "environmental destruction". On 5 May 2017, a ship owned and operated by the group rammed a deep-sea rig owned by Griffincrest Oil Incorporated off the Scottopian Isles.