KerepaqaEarldom of Temirka
 • Urban
Demonym(s)Temirian, Temirir
Time zoneUTC−2 (WTT)

Temir (pronounced /ˈtɛmɪr/; from Khadenz "") is a city in the east of Cadenza. It is the capital of the earldom of Temirka. With a population of 380,372, it is the second largest settlement in the country. A major financial centre, the city sprawls along the coast and reaches towards the island's interior.

Until the 1940s, Temir was a small fishing town, but the creation of the island's rail network brought tremendous growth, particularly from the capital. It was the fastest growing settlement in Cadenza until the mid-1980s, when it was outpaced by Mefra.


Temir's waterfront financial district is the second largest in the state

The Temirian economy is, like of the Cadenzan capital, driven by strong finance and construction industries. The city is also host to the Temir College of Economics. Despite its prominence as a commercial centre, it lacks its own international airport and is instead served by Cadenza Airport, west of the capital. Temir Airfield is privately owned and incapable of accommodating regular international flights. Temir is connected to Canve and Ro'ekha by the C3 motorway, which passes through the city, and is approximately half an hour from the Port of Cadenza.