Tenth of May Incident

Template:Radictistan-stub The Tenth of May Incident is the name frequently given to a series of events which occured in the Radictistani capital of Nuxenstat involving an internal security exercise by the elite 2 Naval Brigade of the Royal Radictistan Army. Elements of the brigade conducted anti-coup exercises within the city center. A political crisis erupted when it was discovered that the simulated adversary was the Royal Security Police. RSP officials subsequently demanded the removal of key officers involved in the planning and execution of the exercise. Grand Duke Xenocimedes Radicti eventually brokered a compromise in which the chief of staff for I (Nuxenstat) Corps was reassigned and the commanding officer of 2 Naval Brigade, Major-General Sir Werner Woodburger reprimanded. The Royal Radictistan Army was also forced to promise not to run similar exercises in the future except after consultation with the Royal Security Police. The incident led to an increase in surveillance of Army personnel and an increase in the power of the Military Criminal Investigative Service (Radictistan).