This World is not my Home (film)

This World is not my Home
Theatrical release poster
Directed byLars Bergmann
Produced byAlexander Widforss
Niklas Laxman
Written byÅke Westermark
Eva-Stina Blomgren
Screenplay byNikita Hellqvist
Story byJosef Simonsson
Based onThis World is not my Home by Josef Simonsson
StarringHeidi Gunderssen
Harald Somby
Ingrid Moller
Gustav Lindt
Ubbe Norquist
Gunther Klink
Xavier Tynnikken
LivetsBok Ltd.
Distributed byLivetsBok Ltd.
Release date
  • 2 October 2020 (2020-10-02) (Montecara Film Festival)
Running time
111 Minutes
LanguageEldmarsk Geatish

This World is not my Home (Eldmarsk Geatish: Denna Värld Är Inte Mitt Hem) is a 2020 Eldmarsk cosmic horror film, directed by Lars Bergmann, based on the short story of the same name by Josef Simonsson. It stars Heidi Gunderssen, Harald Somby, Ingrid Moller, and others. This film marks Bergmann's first foray into the genre, and his first since his 2005 film Systarna. The film is one of the films being considered for a béco aùreo at the 81st Montecara Film Festival.


Nikki, played by Gunderssen, and her husband Rorik, played by Somby, is a married couple in the wake of a tumultuous year prior. Heidi, expecting a child, survived cancer at the cost of losing the baby. The pair's lives rocked by this, they are surprised to win a holiday in the form a road trip through Eldmark to a popular hot springs resort in the Regnbågeberg mountain range outside of Platenburg. Booking a small charter bus with another family to save money, they set off for the resort, though not before Nikki suffers a night terror, and Rorik to have a nosebleed. Neither event concerns the couple.

The family they travel with are the Sandins led by Robert Markssen, a boat salesman and travel blogger. His wife Kara and their two children are regulars to the hot springs, and are equally enthusiastic about the trip. They notice while driving that the scenery seemed somewhat different to them, though Robert remarks "Most of this land looks the same" through a toothy grin. Mary complains of a lack of cell service, but Kara reprimands her, stating that the trip was meant to be scenic. They stop for the night at a scenic pull-off spot halfway to Platenburg. Stefan, one of the children, becomes deeply interested in Nikki, and Nikki tells him a story to get him to fall asleep as the entire bus does the same.

In the morning, they all rise to continue the trip, though quickly noticing after driving for an hour that they were no closer to Platenburg or any civilization for that matter. There were no other cars on the road. Assuming that they were lost, Robert makes the decision to turn to another road that he thought was a popular cut-through to Levsdahl. Kara suffers a nosebleed, and Stefan notices what he thinks is someone standing in the sand wearing a white dress. The rest of the day, turning into night, is uneventful as they are no closer to civilization. Robert and Rorik get into a verbal argument as Nikki notices eyes in the darkness.

When the morning came, the group remarks that they all suffered similar horrid dreams. Rorik awoke with bruises on his neck, which he blamed Robert for, causing another argument. Kara stops them, directing the party to the scene outside. Surrounding the bus on all sides were piles of rocks, each a meter high, clearly artificially placed. Stefan attempts to kick one over only for the daughter Mary to stop him, mentioning that her primary teacher talked about them, saying they were sacred to the Odavli. Loading up, the crew makes it to Levsdahl, only to discover that it was completely empty. They refill the tanks of the bus and stop for the night. This time, the entire group sees several pairs of eyes in the darkness of the town, motionless and unblinking. One pair of eyes emerges from the darkness to the group, revealing itself to be a shadow, seemingly glitching in and out of reality, as it lunges towards Robert. Paralyzed in fear, the shade tackles Robert and he is immediately swarmed by the other shadows. Kara and Mary scream, attracting the shadows, before Nikki pulls them into the bus. They watch in horror as the silent entities rip and tear Robert to pieces before turning to the bus. Nikki yells to Rorik to drive off, but the keys are on Robert's corpse. Curiously, they refuse to touch the bus, only staring.

The shades vanish at the sun's rise, each leaving a pile of rocks. Silent and steel-eyed, Rorik is sent to retrieve the keys. Trying not to gag, Rorik breaks down and begins to panic, running through the town looking for someone, anyone, to save them. There was none. Nikki calms down her husband, encouraging him to be strong for the three others. He returns, hatching a plan with Kara and the kids to break into the nearby radio station and call for help. As they reach the station, they are met with more rocks and a word scrawled into the wooden paneling of the studio interior, reading "AHIYA'A." Breaking in, they have no luck reaching anyone. Returning outside, they find the outside world already dark, as if night had come early. Racing to the bus, they notice Mary was missing, while Stefan weeped in the corner of the bus, saying she was taken by them. Kara, overcome with anger and sadness, leaves the bus to look for Mary, only to be lost to the shadows as well.

The movie ends with the bus on the side of the road, in the first scenic pull-off the group parked. A panning shot reveals that no one was in the vehicle, and the only evidence of the inhabitants is a single rock in every seat.


Heidi Gunderssen as Nikki Harald Somby as Rorik Ingrid Moller as Kara Gustav Lindt as Robert Ubbe Norquist as Stefan Gunther Klink as Mary Xavier Tynnikken, Hans Vysby, and Erik Claessen as the Shadows


Development, writing and casting



Sound Design