Toki clan

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Toki (Senrian)

Tǔqí (Xiaodongese)
Tokö (Tavan)
Royal house
Emblem of Toki clan in Senria (left), in Xiaodong (middle), and in Tava (right)
CountrySenriaFlag-monarchy.png Ongokudou, Senria
Flag of the Toki dynasty.png Toki dynasty
TavaFlag.png Tava, Tinza
FounderToki no Yosimasa (Senria)
Toki Sinzou (Xiaodong)
Mizuno Youhiko (Tava)
Current headToki Natuhiko(Senria)
Niërë I(Tava)
Final rulerToki Sinobu (Senria)
Toki Hayato (Xiaodong)
TitlesHatamoto of Tengyoukawa
Daimyou of Ongokudou
Sougun of Xiaodong
Emperor of Xiaodong
Sougun of Tava
Style(s)Royal Highness
Deposition1655 (Senria)
1858 (Xiaodong)

The Toki clan (土岐氏), sometimes called the Toki dynasty, is a noble family of Senrian origin and through the cadet Mizuno clan the current royal house of Tava, a constituent kingdom of Tinza. First recorded in the 10th century as retainers to the Amakusa clan, the Toki clan was first landed in 1011 when Toki no Yosimasa was landed in Tengyoukawa. Since then, its descendants have changed its allegiance multiple times between Senria, Xiaodong and Tava, maintaining landed titles in them across different time period.

Since its rise to prominence, lineage of the Toki clan has broken fealty with Tao dynasty, Empire of Senria and - following Mizuno Youhiko's conquest of Tava - the Toki dynasty itself. Because of this, the clan has become a notorious symbol of duplicity in Senria and Xiaodong alike following their deposition in the respective countries.


First recorded as retainers loyal to the Amakusa clan in the 900s, an early member of the family named Toki no Yosimasa was awarded a fief around the town of Tengyoukawa in 1011; after the extinction of the Amakusa clan in 1136, Toki no Katuyasu became daimyou of Ongokudou. The Tokis, while ostensibly under the rule of the Tao dynasty following the Toukou War, declared their allegiance to the Empire of Senria in 1198. The Toki family lost control of Ongokudou to the Minamoto clan in 1421, but retained their lands near Tengyoukawa.

In 1651, during the Soukou War, Toki Sinzou broke his oaths to the Minamoto clan and openly sided with invading Jiao dynasty forces at the Battle of Tousokabe; in exchange, the Jiao dynasty promised to restore Ongokudou to the Toki clan should they win the war. Jiao forces pulled out suddenly in 1655, however, to quell domestic unrest, and Toki Sinzou- sought by Minamoto Yosiharu as a traitor- fled the country, arriving in Xiaodong in (year). (sinzou rises to power in xiaodong; xiao will write this)

Toki sovereigns of Xiaodong

Mizuno Souguns of Tava

-Invited by anti-Babhun nobility. Defeat Babhuns militarily, later elected and use the title of Sougun.
-Later loss of support from Xiaodong and Senria opens up country to Estmerish control, later protectorate
-Occupied by Xiaodong during GW. Royal family flees to unoccupied Senria.
-1950 agrees to a union with Tinza as a special autonomous territory.

Cadet branches

Mizuno clan


(cultural thingies; loathed in senria, loathed in xiaodong- this likely in part Senrian-Xiaodongese War, where xiao propaganda reminded xiaos of the "national disgrace" of toki rule while senrian propaganda painted toki sinzou as the prototypical traitor/collaborator; not loathed in Tava)