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Transoceanic Co-Prosperity Sphere

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Transoceanic Co-Prosperity Sphere
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TypeRegional Organization
Member states
• Declaration of Intent
August 7th, 1969
• Foundation Conference
June 29th, 1970

The Transoceanic Co-Prosperity Sphere (TOCPS), also known as the Transoceanic Union, is an supra-national organization advancing economic links, technological cooperation and industrial co-development across the Ooreqapi and Amictlan oceans in the southern hemisphere. Its members can be found in southern Oxidentale, southern Scipia and southwestern Malaio. The organization originates with the Cetliliztli Tlatoloyan ("Union State") between Zacapican and Pulacan, a pact of political, economic and technological cooperation, expanding to include many developing partners in the region. The stated mission of the TOCPS is the "simultaneous and combined advancement of the nations on both sides of the ocean for a prosperous shared future". Specific initiatives of the organization include the propagation of nuclear power, motor industry and the advanced manufacturing sector, as well as the academic collaboration between the university systems of member states. The organization also offers a means for the engineering establishments of member nations to interface with one another, entering into cooperative projects with the Zacapine YAT Program to reduce development costs for advanced technical projects of interest to multiple parties within member states.


Union State

Burning Sun

A technical mission between the developing Scipian nation of Itayana and Zacapican had been discussed in the latter years of the 1960s. The purpose of such a mission, which would come to be known as the "Burning Sun" initiative, was to involve the growing engineering establishment of the Amayana theocracy and the Solar priesthood of the Yanbango government with the YAT program. The basis of the agreement was a co-development of aeronautical projects of the emerging Amayana aerospace industry which would allow the significant financial burden of development to be borne by both nations, reducing the individual cost for projects, as well as providing the Amayana counterparts access to the expertise of the Zacapine aerospace sector. The period benefitted from the unchallenged power of the Macehualtlatollo, allowing the administration in Zacapican to pursue an unprecedented expansion of its geopolitical commitments. The Burning Sun initiative would come into effect on the same year as the declaration of intent between Pulacan, Zacapican and Itayana for a general collaboration between these nations in August of 1989. The Transoceanic Co-Prosperity Sphere would emerge the following year.


Academic System

Financial System