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Anteria Triumvirate

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Flag of the Federation
Coat of arms
Globe projection with the Federation in green
Formation19 September 1913
HeadquartersMonarush, Kilowatt
Official language
PrybourneGrand Nagus Juliana de la Cruz
Kilowatt Princeps Director Jean-Sébastien Miller
Velnotia Grand Marshal Velkan Latermorolva
Velnotia Marinela Rosetti

The Triumvirate, officially The Canterian Federation, is a Federation formed between the countries of Prybourne, Kilowatt, and Velnotia on Anteria. Nominally a union of sovereign states, it is overseen by a representational legislature, with Monarush, Kilowatt as it's capital. Its diverse population is collectively known the Canterian people. It is the largest block on the continent of Thuadia and is one of the oldest and most influential on the planet.


Princeps Director Louis Marchal
Grand Nagus Aya Leñero
Grand Marshal Darius Teodorescu
Princeps Director Louis Marchal, Grand Nagus Aya Leñero, and Grand Marshal Darius Teodorescu were the chief architects of the Canterian Federation.

From the 16th century through 1787, the area which consists of modern day Prybourne, Kilowatt, and Velnotia, all formed the capital region of Canteria within the Canterian Empire. In 1787, the Empire had long since been rocked with separatism and anti-imperialist unrest, and, under the Concord of Wreaths, had given up much of it's overseas territorial holdings and reformed the Empire into the Canter Republic. However, trouble still rocked Canteria with a coup of middle regions and capital whic established the new state of Velnotia in September 1830 which split the country in half, lead both the upper and lower territories claiming the direct succession of the Canter Republic's government. With the recognition of Lower Canteria and which resulted in the secession of the upper territories which established the new state of Kilowatt on July 14, 1863. The Republic was further weakened into a rump state until it was dissolved completely in 1890 after the Civil War in which the rebelling forces were victorious and established the new state of Prybourne.

However, relationship between the three now independent countries of Kilowatt, Velnotia, and Prybourne remained strong due to their Canterian ties and after the establish of commerce and formal relations in 1900, there arose much interest in the possibility of re-establishing some sort of further bond between them. This was accomplished in 1907 by the political union of Kilowatt and Prybourne known as the "Grand Party Alliance" and with admittance into the union of Velnotia in 1913. In September of this same year, the Grand Party federalized with the Federal Council under the new name, the Canterian Federation.


There are three powers hierarchies in the Triumvirate: the legislature represented by the Federal Council of the Triumvirate, the governments each represented by the Triumvirs, and the Federal Defense Force.


The highest authority within the Triumvirate is reserved to the national leaders in each country. The Grand Nagus of Prybourne, Princeps Director of Kilowatt, and Grand Marshal of Velnotia are all referred to as the Triumvirs within the federation and are considered the highest officials in the federation. While the Triumvirs do not assume direct control over the federation, the job of the Speaker, the Triumvirs lead and direct federation policy through a general consensus with each other which is collected by the speaker and relayed back to the Federal Council. The Triumvir are also the ones who appoint members to the Federal Council of the Triumvirate and reserve the right to call sessions and typically take precedence when present within the chamber.


Current Archiater of the Federal Council, Marinela Rosetti, from Velnotia

The Speaker of the Federal Council, known as the Archiater, is a position voted for by representatives in the Federal Council on a yearly basis. The Archiater is the chair and presiding officer of the Federal Council. The role of Archiater is described as combining the functions and responsibilities of an advocate, diplomat, civil servant, and CEO. The routine duties include overseeing the activities and duties of the Federal Council, consulting with the Triumvirs, government officials, and traveling in between the triumvirate countries to engage with constituents and bring attention to certain international issues. The Archiater also publishes an annual report on the work of the Federal Council, which includes an assessment of its activities and an outline future priorities. Should there be a stalemate in the Federal Council, the Speaker can break the tie if called upon by the triumvirs to do so.

The Archiater rotates between the three countries every five years and is appointed by the Federal Council upon the recommendation of the member countries leader and approval.

Legislative Body

Body National Make Up

The Legislative Body of the Triumvirate is known as the Federal Council and is a collective body that is responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the Triumvirate treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the Triumvirate. The council also defines the Triumvirate's overall political direction and priorities. It comprises of 5 representatives, along with the Archiater, or Speaker, of the Federal Council and the Triumvirs of the member nations if they so desire to participate.

Federal Defense Force