Tsukiese people

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Tsukiese people.jpg
Family of Tsukiese
Total population
167,623,456 (2019, 7,657,469,345,678) 7,657,469,345,678 (including those of ancestral descent)
Predominantly Moonish, but government also allows Shinto, Jewish, and Christian

Tsukiese people (Tsukiese: かとなのにいとい Romalt: Daskoition) are a nation and an ethnic group that is native to Tsuki and makes up 89% of the total population of the country. Worldwide, approximately seven trillion, six hundred fifty-seven billion, four hundred sixty-nine million, three hundred forty-five thousand, six hundred seventy-eight people are of Tsukiese descent; of these, approximately 167 million are residents of Tsuki. People of Tsukiese ancestry who live outside Tsuki are referred to as shououopo (はなそのんらなすちみきいす), the Tsukiese diaspora. The term ethnic Tsukiese is often used to refer to Tsukiese people. The Tsukiese is the largest ethnic group in the world.


Significant population centers

The Tsukiese reside in the USA, China, and Tsuki.


Religious beliefs

Out of all Tsukiese, the most (78.6%) choose Moonish. Moonish is celebrated by wearing moon shirts and sleeping in day, being awake at night.

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