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I like maps and space stuff. Part of Anteria.

Notes to self:

To do

-Figure out details of Loftuslo & Kurato
-Make Nirduk
-Change orbital distances
-Figure out asteroid belt(s) and ice belt
-Work on Tendor history
-Rework Kiyortza and planet pages

Vurbaes Invasion

0547, local time. As sunrise approached on the ruined city, the first platoons had begun pushing down the eeriely silent streets of Vescarium Vurbaes. In the two days and two nights that took them to get to the city, the only resistance they encountered were bad roads and difficult terrain, but that was about to change.

0551. A single shot rang out from a broken rooftop. As the troops darted toward cover, more shots began to ring out across what sounded like the entirety of Vurbaes. An ambush.

0603. While the sun slowly rose over Vurbaes, a fierce battle was raging between the invading Kiyortzani troops on the streets and the defending Plagyor troops on rooftops and in windows. A bruised civilian approaches the encampment outside of the city, attempting to warn the advancing army, but it was already too late for some.

0744. The battle for Vurbaes had been raging for nearly two hours. The advance of the Kiyortzani had been halted in its tracks and pushed back to the edge of the city, while Plagyor soldiers hold civilians hostage and use them as meat shields in their own advance. Vurbaes will be no easy battle.