House of Ostracine

Picture Arms Name Parents Birth Marriage Became Consort Anointing Ceased to be Consort Death Spouse
Coat of Arms of Orla of Gaemar.png Princess Orla of Gaemar Father, Father
Mother, Mother
0 Month 0000 12 February 1370 13 October 1382 22 November 1382 28 November 1409 0 Month 0000
Aged: X
Robert I
85px Princess Mariana of Ascalzar Father, Fernando, Hereditary Prince of Ascalzar
Mother, Mother
1 January 1373 2 December 1390 28 November 1409 1 January 1410 2 March 1428
Aged: 55
Robert II
Coat of Arms of Margaret of Philippopolis.png Margaret of Philippopolis Father, Louis I, Duke of Philippopolis
Mother, Mother
8 October 1412 15 January 1434 7 September 1458 1 April 1480
Aged: 67
Hugh II
Coat of Arms of Adrienne of Hayan.png Adrienne of Hayan Father, Tancred II, Duke of Hayan
Mother, Mother
4 May 1436 9 July 1453 7 September 1458 30 October 1458 1 June 1477 1 September 1483
Aged: 47
Jordan III
Coat of Arms of the Maria Faustina of Latium.png Princess Maria Faustina of Latium Father, Sergius I of Latium
Mother, Maria of Adrianople
22 January 1462 2 February 1478 11 February 1504 11 February 1519
Aged: 57
Jordan IV
Henry II of France..jpg Coat of Arms of the Principality of Adelon.png Hugh I, Prince of Adelon Father, Prince Henry of Adelon
Mother, Mother
17 March 1463 19 May 1500 11 February 1504 not crowned 8 October 1529
Aged: 50
Elissa II

Rainier of Adelon

Prince Rainier
Duke of Salla
Born (1967-03-02) 2 March 1967 (age 53)
All Saints' College Hospital, Sydalon, Sydalon
Full name
Rainier Gervas Richard Henri
FatherRainier II, Prince of Adelon
MotherTheodora of Ibelin
ReligionFabrian Catholic
Military career
Allegiance Sydalon
Service/branch Sydalene Navy
Years of service1985–2015 (end of active service)


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List of subnational rulers and viceroys in Sydalon

First-level domains

Domain Ruler Portrait Reign began House Heir Past rulers
Prince of petra arms.png
(b. 2013)
No image.svg 22 May 2013
(7 years, 78 days)
Aultavilla Princess Melisende of Sydalon List
Coat of Arms of the Principality of Adelon.png
William VI
(b. 1959)
(Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla) Jornada de clausura Convención 2019 Partido Popular en Madrid. (45915063845) (cropped).jpg 11 December 2005
(14 years, 241 days)
Adelon Prince Rainier List
Coat of Arms of the Principality of Montgisard.png
Joscelin V
(b. 1946)
Michael Douglas César 2016 3.jpg 22 August 1976
(43 years, 352 days)
Calien-Destroit Gabriel, Hereditary Prince List
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Philippopolis.png
Aubin V
(b. 1993)
Aubin I, Duke of Philippopolis.jpg 8 May 2006
(14 years, 92 days)
Mosaburg-Imbert Leonore, Lady of Philippopolis List
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Utica.png
Alard IV
(b. 1947)
75px 4 April 2002
(18 years, 126 days)
Sapanba Leon, Hereditary Duke List
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Hayan.png
Henry II
(b. 1958)
Javier Bardem Cannes 2018.jpg 3 June 2013
(7 years, 66 days)
Scaligar Raimund, Hereditary Duke List
Coat of Arms of the County of Toron.png
Sebastian I
(b. 1994)
Prince Sebastian, Duke of Montfort.jpg 3 March 2011
(9 years, 158 days)
Toron Prince William of Sydalon List
Coat of Arms of the County of Melfi.png
Balian VIII
(b. 1972)
75px 12 November 2008
(11 years, 270 days)
Eu Mark, Lord of Zippori List
Coat of Arms of the Lordship of Gadir.png
Cassander I
(b. 1944)
PaoloBorsellino.jpg 30 January 1983
(37 years, 191 days)
Ureu Danel, Hereditary Lord List
Coat of Arms of the County of Tanas.png
Desiderius III
(b. 1950)
Claude Bartolone meeting Ali Akbar Velayati in Tehran 04.jpg 24 November 2002
(17 years, 258 days)
Tanas Caelestinus, Lord of Sabarim List

Royal Domain

Province Ruler or Viceroy Portrait Tenure began House Heir Past leaders
Sydalon Royal Coat of Arms.png
Lord Warden
HRH The Prince Consort
(b. 1991)
75px 9 May 2019
(1 year, 91 days)
N/A N/A List
Coat of Arms of Esebon.png
Michael III
(b. 1962)
Michael III, Duke of Esebon.jpg 9 April 2020
(121 days)
Esebon Prince Jason List
Frederic de Seracino
(b. 1943)
75px 16 January 2019
(1 year, 205 days)
N/A N/A List
Arms of the Duke of Ramitha.png
Rainier II
(b. 1993)
Prince Balian, Duke of Tiberias.jpg 22 March 1994
(26 years, 139 days)
Tiberias Prince Ademar List
Coat of Arms of Rema.png
Francis I
(b. 1970)
Francis I, Duke of Rema.jpg 2 June 1994
(26 years, 67 days)
Rema Prince Henry List
Coat of Arms of Thapse.png
Theodore I
(b. 1972)
HospitalReal01 (cropped).jpg 19 January 1997
(23 years, 202 days)
Rema None List
Maria Calleja de Craon
(b. 1966)
75px 8 March 2015
(5 years, 153 days)
N/A N/A List
The Baron Rabat
(b. 1960)
75px 12 May 2019
(1 year, 88 days)
N/A N/A List

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