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Behind Luziyca
MTThis user is primarily a
"Modern Tech" roleplayer.

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This is a page of the freest nation in Esquarium (well, the guy behind it, obviously, not the nation).


This fellow was born on the 28th of August, 1997, in Saskatoon, SK, Canada and has resided there since. He has autism (diagnosed in 1999), and attended Kinsmen Children's Center in 2000-01, followed by Caroline Robins in 2001-02, before attending Fairhaven School from 2002-2012, and then was a student at Evan Hardy Collegiate until he graduated in the Class of 2016. He now attends the University of Saskatchewan.

He first joined NationStates in 2009 when he was in Grade 6 (although he lurked in it before), joining as Iraqialand. In 2010, he ragequited, but rejoined as Khorata. In August, he got DEAT, but rejoined as Syvorji in October 2010. In November 2011, he switched to Luziyca, and has continued using it. After about eight years, he switched to Katranjiev, then to Rwizikuru and Imagua and the Assimas.

He is an RPer and an NSGer.

Political views

Tbh, a utopia as envisioned by Marx, but realistically, social democracy. Cynical of the state of humanity.






These are the sandboxes where you can see stuff I plan on constructing (somehow).


If you need to chat with me, just go to User talk:Luziyca, and I will be here shortly.