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Page deletion

I need Song of the sea to be deleted. Thanks so much in Advance. Pokemarick 18:54. 24 June 2019

I'm going to need both Regua and User:Death Dance deleted out for me. Thanks in advance. Death Dance (talk) 22:59, 11 May 2019 (UTC)

Template:Infobox protected area


I am writing about a national park in my nation, Quenmin, and I'm wanting to have the template "Infobox protected area" be imported into this site.

Thanks, BattlerNonna

Issue regarding to possible establishment of spoiler?

Hi, this is one of old NS Account, Free China --

I am curious in how to establish a spoiler through here that can be used for information box in this website if possible since I couldn't find it but I did have a go in checking out other information boxes through Wikipedia in doing so but to no avail could I find the correct formula in doing so. As an example; I hope to use it for the ethnic groups' section in the information box. I am wondering whether it is to do with the template or whether it doesn't do it through here...

I tried in adding --

{{vunblist with |{{collapsible list within the edit itself, but couldn't do so.

I'm wondering if there is any possibility of doing so if it can be done?