Welkin Gunther

Welkin Gunther
Birth nameWelkin Gunther
Born27 July 1987
Bruhl, Commonwealth (Now, Principality) of Gallia-Bruhl
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch Lucis Army
Gallian Armed Forces
Years of service Lucis Army (2007-Present)
Gallian Army (2006-2011)
RankAide to the King
Commands heldGallian Militia, Squad 7
The King's Gallian Grenadiers
Battles/warsSecond Lucis Civil War
Imperial Crisis
AwardsLucian Awards:
Distinguished Service Cross
Military Medal
Gallian Awards:
Savior of Gallia
Legion of Gallian Merit
Distinguished Service Cross
RelationsNoctis Lucis Caelum (childhood and best friend)
Alicia Melchiott(spouse)
Eleanor Varrot (former commander)
Belgen Gunther (father)

Welkin Gunther (27 July 1987) is a Gallian military man, biologist, botanist and teacher. He was known for preventing Gallia-Bruhl and Tristain-la Fontaine from being invaded during the Second Lucis Civil War. But what he is best known perhaps is being the childhood and closest friend of Noctis Lucis Caelum, The current King of the United Kingdom. Currently, He is retired in the Gallian Army and is a teacher at a local gallian school but he still participates his task of being an aide to the King, despite Gallia-Bruhl being independent but with the laws being unchanged that allowed Gallians to continue working with the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Nations.

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