Second Lucis Civil War

Second Lucis Civil War
Challenger 2 tanks of the King's Royal Hussars liberating Bodhum
Date15 June 2008 - 9 January 2010
Lucis Isles

Allied victory;

  • Republican Influence fails to extend to the rest of the Commonwealth, Tristain and parts of Northern Accordo
  • Noctis is restored to the throne as King of the United Kingdom
  • Abolishment of the Second Lucian Republic
  • Dissolution of the Lucian Republican Party, and the Lucian Revolutionary Army
  • Suicide of Idola Aldercapt

Lucis Commonwealth United Kingdom

  • Tristain-la Fontaine

New Akiba
Tenebrae and Solheim
Erebonian Empire
Holy Galbadian Empire
Dalmasca and Nabradia

Esthar and Balamb

Lucis Republic
Holy Trabian Empire
Liberl Kingdom

Calvard Republic
Commanders and leaders

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Ignis Stupeo Scientia
Shinichi Kitagawa
Snow Villiers
Darzana Magbaredge
Henrietta of Tristain
Agnes de Milan
Cordelia Gi Randgriz
Welkin Gunther
Kurasame Susaya
Murasame Susaya
Trey Nakamura
Tidus Hayakawa
Klankain Auchinleck III
Gippal Krueger
Richard Philip Todd
Kaoru Mizusaki
William Edwardius Sulzbach-Caelum III
Lành Chinh
Henry Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein
Ashelia Dalmasca
Balthier Van de Berg
Vaan de Vogel
Basch fon Ronsenburg
Larsa de Leeuw
Laguna I
Squall von Stauffenberg
Claus Hessenberg

Irvine von Kruger

Idola Aldercapt †
Felix Lynch (Surrendered)
William O'Meara (Surrendered)
John Galllows †
Juan Alfredo Jodel III
Giovanni Graziani
Alberto di Balbo
Seymour Guado
Henrico Messino

Juan Luis Andacco


Views of different nations

The views of the different nations made their reference from the old Niflheimian War of Independence where the Republic of Niflheim only lasted for a week. Many agreed that the Lucian Republic would not last long as majority of the people were fully dedicated to supporting the Monarchy. The war attracted both the Allied and Imperial nations.

Joyonghean King Yeunggyeong commented about the Revolutionary leader that his insurrection would end up the same fate as the Niflheimian War of Independence that happened in X848

"Idola thinks that he has the strength to take on the Commonwealth; an utter mistake that is"

Quenminese Emperor Lanh Chinh was aware of the Niflheimian War of Independence and correctly predicted that the Lucis Republic would not last long.

"Looking back at the Niflheimian War of Independence, the Independent Niflheim only stood for just a mere week. There's no doubt that they will make the same mistake again"

Bethausian Grand Duke, William III of Bethausia expressed his heavy support for the Monarchy as his family line was directly related with Noctis's Royal House, The House of Caelum and that the Lucian King's Great-Granduncle was his great-grandfather, William Edwardius Caelum, Duke consort of Bethausia and wife of Judith Imhild.

"While the actions of Idola and his supporters are straightforward reprehensible, I am fully aware of supporting the true monarch of the Lucis Commonwealth"

The Lorican head of state also expressed his desire to replace the Lucis Monarch with a much pro-government in their expansionist plans which many Allied leaders thought as mad and irrelevant.

"This is war is to take down the beast that dares to interfere with our ways of peace; an opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime" - Lorican leader/prime minister