White Cunenians

White Cunenians
Cunenian Farmers.jpg
Elderly farmers from Huila Province
Total population
2014 estimate: 306,300
Regions with significant populations
Central and Western Cunenia
Huila Province214,396
(9.10% provincial population)
Kunene Province67,380
(6.98% provincial population)
Namibe Province21,440
(4.55% provincial population)
Okavango Province~3,200
(0.63% provincial population)
Afrikaans (89.9%), Portuguese (9.2%), other (0.9%)
Christianity (85.6%), Irreligious (12.9%), Judaism (0.9%), other (0.6%)
Related ethnic groups
White South Africans, White Namibians, White Zimbabweans, White Angolans

White Cunenians (Afrikaans: Blanke Kuneniërs; Portuguese: Cunenheiros Brancos) are Cunenians descended from any of the white racial or ethnic groups of Europe and parts of the Middle East. In linguistic, cultural and historical terms, they are generally divided between the Afrikaans-speaking descendants of the Dorsland trekkers, who form the majority, and a minority of Lusophone descendants of predominantly Portuguese colonists. In 2014, an estimated 89.9% were native speakers of Afrikaans, 9.2% were native speakers of Portuguese, and just under 1% spoke another language as their mother tongue — particularly German along the Namibian border. Overall, White Cunenians make up about 7.12% of the total Cunenian population.