White Sea

White Sea
Skallian Bay, Vynozhian Bay, East Asuran Sea
LocationNortheast Asura
Primary inflowsBlaugold River, Südkern River, Lächsen River
Primary outflowsLeiden Channel, Kyrolov Sea
Basin countriesMascylla, Vynozhia, and Leiden
Average depth95
Max. depthPferdt Deep (291 m)
Shore length18,000 km (5,000 mi)
Frozenoccasionally in winter
IslandsOver 280
SettlementsAnkstedt, Fischeck, Flussmund, Hohenwepel, Ihleburg, Südhafen
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

The White Sea (Standard Alemannic: Weiße See) is a body of water located in the Northeast of Asura, east of the Alemannic peninsula. It is a marginal sea of the Opal Ocean, enclosed by Mascylla, Vynozhia, and Leiden. The sea stretches from x to x lantitude and from x and x longitude. An asuran sea of the Opal, with limited water exchange between the two bodies, the White Sea drains through the Leidense islands into the Leiden Channel and the Kyrolov Sea. It includes the Lorenz Bay, the Edward's Bay, Lukas' Bay, and the Nygorey Bay. The White Proper is bordered on its northern edge, at the latitude x, by the island of Uitkijk and the Republic of Bunschoten, to its north-western and western by the Lorenz Bay, the Edward's Bay and the Lukas Bay, to the east by the Nygorey Bay, and to the south by Vynozhia's coastline.


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