World Cup

World Cup
Number of teams32 (finals)
Current championsTemplate:Country data Vilita (3rd title)

The NationStates World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by teams affiliated to the World Cup Committee (WCC), the tournament's global governing body. It is the multiverse's longest-running and most prestigious recurring sporting event. Nations from around the world at all sorts of different technology levels play football (also known as "soccer" or "association football") for the ultimate glory of becoming world champions. Most editions involve a (frequently lengthy) qualifying series that reduce the participants to the 32 competitors of the World Cup finals. Since World Cup 1, the finals have featured 8 single round-robin groups of 4 teams, with the top 16 going on to take part in single-elimination rounds. The World Cup Final, the last match of the tournament, is one of the most highly-anticipated and highly-spectated fixtures in the sport.

As of the end of World Cup 77, Starblaydia and Valanora share the record for most tournaments won with five each, while Valanora has also hosted the most editions, at six.

Past Editions

Ed. Winners Runners-up Third place Host of final Co-host
World Cup 1 Crosshill Europa Brittania Quohog Ariddia
World Cup 2 Al Quds Tanah Burung Ziotah Alasdair I Frosticus
World Cup 3 Giant Zucchini Crosshill Europa Brittania Total n Utter Insanity
World Cup 4 Dennisov Jurassica Brazillico Brazillico
World Cup 5 Brazillico Lemmitania Svecia Tanah Burung Al Quds
World Cup 6 Brazillico Quohog Spaam Lemmitania
World Cup 7 Errinundera Spaam Svecia Audioslavia
World Cup 8 Liverpool England Bedistan Haraki Bedistan Oglethorpia
World Cup 9 Europa Brittania Ravenspire Liverpool England Europa Brittania Ravenspire
World Cup 10 Lemmitania Giant Zucchini Ariddia Giant Zucchini One Red Dot
World Cup 11 Europa Brittania Warnocks Wizards Giant Zucchini Warnocks Wizards Total n Utter Insanity
World Cup 12 Rejistania Audioslavia Commerce Heights Lemmitania Kaze Progressa
World Cup 13 Eauz Spaam Bedistan Rejistania Cockbill Street
World Cup 14 Kingsford Rejistania Total n Utter Insanity Oglethorpia Kingsford
World Cup 15 Commerce Heights Squornshelous Eauz The Eagles Nest Eauz
World Cup 16 Eauz Bedistan Rejistania Rejistania Brazillico
World Cup 17 Rejistania Dance 2 Revolution Melmond Vilita Kaze Progressa
World Cup 18 Rejistania Kaze Progressa Iansisle Bedistan Eauz
World Cup 19 Crystilakere Audioslavia Dance 2 Revolution Turori The Belmore Family
World Cup 20 Vilita Audioslavia Squornshelous Druida Starblaydia
World Cup 21 Bedistan Total n Utter Insanity Cockbill Street Cockbill Street Lethislavania
World Cup 22 Sarzonia Oaker Bedistan Liverpool England Vilita & Legalese
World Cup 23 Rejistania Druida Sarzonia Rejistania Eauz
World Cup 24 Liverpool England Sarzonia Krytenia Krytenia Druida
World Cup 25 Starblaydia Rejistania Squornshelous Audioslavia Kaze Progressa
World Cup 26 Bedistan Liverpool England Eauz Commerce Heights Oliverry
World Cup 27 Bedistan Liverpool England Starblaydia Bedistan Fmjphoenix
World Cup 28 Starblaydia Bedistan Liverpool England New Montreal States The Archregimancy
World Cup 29 Casari Audioslavia Krytenia Casari Krytenia
World Cup 30 Bedistan Starblaydia Liverpool England The Islands of Qutar Schiavonia
World Cup 31 Squornshelous New Montreal States Oliverry Vilita The Lowland Clans
World Cup 32 Ariddia Jeruselem Krytenia Geisenfried Milchama
World Cup 33 Bettia Az-cz Demot Az-cz Quakmybush
World Cup 34 Ariddia Milchama Elves Security Forces The Holy Empire Ariddia
World Cup 35 Bettia Ariddia Schiavonia The Lowland Clans Bazalonia
World Cup 36 Ariddia Errinundera Capitalizt SLANI Unified Capitalizt States Cafundéu
World Cup 37 Az-cz Demot Sel Appa Novapsolu Ad'ihan
World Cup 38 Az-cz Squornshelous Valanora Kura-Pelland Vephrall
World Cup 39 Capitalizt SLANI Milchama Valanora Unified Capitalizt States Valanora
World Cup 40 Valanora Bazalonia Casari Krytenia Starblaydia
World Cup 41 Starblaydia Capitalizt SLANI Valanora Ad'ihan Daehanjeiguk
World Cup 42 Valanora Zwangzug The Archregimancy Cafundéu Septentrionia
World Cup 43 Valanora Demot Dancougar Valanora Vephrall
World Cup 44 Starblaydia Cafundéu Valanora Kura-Pelland Candelaria And Marquez
World Cup 45 Candelaria And Marquez The Holy Empire Valanora Unified Capitalizt States Demot
World Cup 46 Dancougar Daehanjeiguk Septentrionia Kelssek Ad'ihan
World Cup 47 Starblaydia Valanora Kura-Pelland Valanora Kura-Pelland
World Cup 48 The Holy Empire Candelaria And Marquez Dancougar Cafundéu Bazalonia
World Cup 49 Candelaria And Marquez The Holy Empire Sarzonia Newmanistan The Babbage Islands
World Cup 50 Cassadaigua Jeru FC The Babbage Islands The Holy Empire Krytenia
World Cup 51 Cassadaigua Valanora Nethertopia Paripana Septentrionia
World Cup 52 Valanora Sorthern Northland The Babbage Islands Cafundéu Nethertopia
World Cup 53 Dorian and Sonya Albundania Valanora Somewhereistonia Pasarga
World Cup 54 Aguazul Bears Armed The Holy Empire The Babbage Islands Cassadaigua
World Cup 55 Sorthern Northland The Babbage Islands The Holy Empire Aguazul Delaclava
World Cup 56 Sorthern Northland The Holy Empire Aguazul Valanora Sorthern Northland
World Cup 57 Aguazul The Holy Empire Polar Islandstates Cafundéu Sarzonia
World Cup 58 Aguazul Krytenia The Babbage Islands Queer Poco el Mono Ara Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
World Cup 59 Aguazul The Babbage Islands Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Vilita Polar Islandstates
World Cup 60 The Holy Empire Eura Valanora The Babbage Islands Saugeais
World Cup 61 Valanora Dorian and Sonya Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Valanora Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
World Cup 62 The Holy Empire Bears Armed The Babbage Islands Astograth Carpathia and Ruthenia
World Cup 63 Audioslavia Starblaydia The Babbage Islands Aguazul Turori
World Cup 64 Audioslavia Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Osarius New Montreal States Wight
World Cup 65 Wight Polar Islandstates Andossa Se Mitrin Vega Pasarga Saugeais
World Cup 66 Eura Polar Islandstates Audioslavia The Inevitable Syndicate Audioslavia
World Cup 67 Polar Islandstates Audioslavia Valanora Cassadaigua Equestrian States
World Cup 68 Vilita Free Republics Polar Islandstates Legalese Free Republics
World Cup 69 The Holy Empire Audioslavia Osarius Apox The Holy Empire
World Cup 70 Osarius Felix Polar Islandstates Equestrian States San José Guayabal
World Cup 71 Osarius Pasarga Holy Republican Empire Felix Yttribia
World Cup 72 Pasarga Eura Vilita Valanora Equestrian States
World Cup 73 Eura Pasarga San José Guayabal The Royal Kingdom of Quebec Apox
World Cup 74 Nephara San José Guayabal Eura Valladares San José Guayabal
World Cup 75 Unified Sunrise Islands Valladares Nephara Krytenia Audioslavia
World Cup 76 Unified Sunrise Islands Audioslavia San José Guayabal Ceni Electrum
World Cup 77 Vilita San José Guayabal Farfadillis San José Guayabal The Royal Kingdom of Quebec


Titles Nation(s)
5 Starblaydia, Valanora
4 Aguazul, Bedistan, Rejistania, The Holy Empire
3 Ariddia, Vilita
2 Audioslavia, Az-cz, Bettia, Brazillico, Candelaria And Marquez, Cassadaigua, Eauz, Eura, Europa Brittania, Liverpool England, Osarius, Sorthern Northland, Unified Sunrise Islands
1 Al Quds, Capitalizt SLANI, Casari, Commerce Heights, Crosshill, Crystalikere, Dancougar, Dennisov, Dorian and Sonya, Errinundera, Giant Zucchini, Kingsford, Lemmitania, Nephara, Pasarga, Polar Islandstates, Sarzonia, Squornshelous, Wight


Hosted Nation(s)
6 Valanora
5 Cafundéu, Krytenia
4 Audioslavia, The Holy Empire, Vilita
3 Ad'ihan, Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, Bedistan, Eauz, Equestrian States, Kaze Progressa, Kura-Pelland, Lemmitania, Rejistania, The Babbage Islands, Unified Capitalizt States
2 Aguazul, Apox, Ariddia, Bazalonia, Brazillico, Cassadaigua, Cockbill Street, Druida, New Montreal States, Oglethorpia, Pasarga, San José Guayabal, Saugeais, Septentrionia, Starblaydia, The Lowland Clans, Total n Utter Insanity, Turori, Vephrall
1 Al Quds, Astograth, Az-cz, Candelaria And Marquez, Carpathia and Ruthenia, Casari, Ceni, Commerce Heights, Daehanjeiguk, Demot, Delaclava, Electrum, Europa Brittania, Felix, Fmjphoenix, Free Republics, Geisenfried, Giant Zucchini, Kelssek, Kingsford, Legalese, Lethislavania, Liverpool England, Milchama, Nethertopia, Newmanistan, Novapsulu, Oliverry, One Red Dot, Paripana, Polar Islandstates, Quakmybush, Queer Poco el Mono Ara, Ravenspire, Sarzonia, Schiavonia, Somewhereistonia, Sorthern Northland, Tanah Burung, The Archregimancy, The Belmore Family, The Eagles Nest, The Inevitable Syndicate, The Islands of Qutar, The Royal Kingdom of Quebec, Valladares, Warnocks Wizards, Wight, Yttribia