Yakaze-class destroyer

JS Myōkō at Pearl Harbor, -27 Jun. 2012 a.jpg
RDNS Yakaze docked in Sora
Class overview
Name: Yakaze class
Operators: Dayashina
Preceded by: Asakaze class
Succeeded by: Miyuki class
Cost: $1 billion (est)
Built: 1990–1997
In commission: 1997–
Planned: 8
Building: 0
Completed: 8
Active: 8
General characteristics
Type: Guided missile destroyer
  • 7,500 tonnes standard
  • 9,500 tonnes full load
Length: 161 m (528 ft 3 in)
Beam: 21 m (68 ft 11 in)
Draft: 6.2 m (20 ft 4 in)
Depth: 13 m (42 ft 8 in)
Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h)
Range: 4,500 nmi at 20 knots
Complement: 300
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Aircraft carried: 1 × Mitsuna SH-60 Seahawk helicopter
Aviation facilities: Flight deck and enclosed hangar for one helicopter

The Yakaze-class is a class of guided missile destroyers built for the Republic of Dayashina Navy. Eight ships were built in it's class, making in the RDN's most widely proliferated AAW destroyer. The Yakaze-class is considered a revolutionary naval achievement by defence analysts, being the first ship in the world to be equipped with the Suijin combat system.

It served as the model for the development of the Menghean Emil-si-class Suijin-equipped guided missile destroyers. Three Yakaze-class destroyers were sold to Themiclesia to fulfill a need for significantly upgraded AAW capabilities with increased threat from Maverica.

The Yakaze-class destroyers in service with the RDN have all been upgraded to Flight II, with electronic warfare capabilities identical to that of the Miyuki-class standard.