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Zharrian Frontier Territories

Flag of Kaldana Colony
Motto: Y seht haatc puugc yc y cfunt haatc y fradcduha, ev ed ec du gaab edc atka

A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge
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Location of Zharr
StatusFrontier territory of Kaldana, Imperial Haruspex Colony
CapitalKaldana City[1]
Largest TownshipKaldana City
Official languagesHaru-Dakat
Recognised national languagesAnglish
Recognised regional languagesKel-Zha
GovernmentSemi-Autonomous Colonial Autocracy
• ArchDuke
Kizan Vek Elemmiire
• High Lord
Yenck Grail Zun
LegislatureAdvisory to the Duke
Colonial Service Ministry
Citizenry Services Ministry
Autonomous Province
• 2002
In the aftermath of the Zharrian-Cabarrian war.
• 2005 Contact lost with the mainland.
2019 Contact reestablished with mainland.
CurrencyHaru Credit[1] (HCr)
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