Lord Sghjang

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The Hon. Lord Sghjang PC J (Shinasthana: 庠君, sghjang-kljul; Jan. 1768 – Dec. 14, 1836) was a Themiclesian bureaucrat, military officer, and politician. He was Prime Minister of Themiclesia from 1821 to 1825 as President of Correspondence, succeeding and was succeeded by the Lord of Mjenh-lang. He was one of the Njik-nem peers, whose power base was ceded away to the Mavericans in 1796; this fact is usually seen as the primary influence on his political career, which was dedicated to preventing secession of Themiclesian territory to foreign powers. He criticized the Conservative Party for placing its agrarian interests above that of Themiclesia as an imperial power. During his permiership, the Uzeri Rebellion occurred and motivated his government to invest in the armed forces; however, his foreign policy also conflicted with the Conservative Party, which believed that invasion could be prevented by friendly disposition and openness to commerce. His re-armament programme, already poorly received, led the Council of Peers to suspect he designed to recover Njik-nem and Sngrak. He was forced to resign in late 1825.

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Preceded by
Lord of Mjenh-lang
Prime Minister of Themiclesia
22 May 1819 – 29 July 1821
Succeeded by
Lord of Mjenh-lang