Lord of Nja-'rjum

The Hon. Lord of Nja-′rjum PC OA (Shinasthana: 女陰侯, nja-′rjum-go; Sept. 15, 1787 – Mar. 19, 1868) was a Themiclesian civil servant and Conservative politician. He served as Prime Minister of Themiclesia between 1866 and 1869. He came to power after the pro-Kashubian policy of the Lord of Sng'rja backfired in 1866, with Camia threatening to sink Themiclesian merchant ships in dock; however, Themiclesia lost the Battle of Liang in 1867, which reduced his government to a minority in 1868 and ultimately forced an election in 1869. He died two months before the election, which his party lost to a re-invigorated Liberal Party under Lord of Sng′rja.

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