2005 Cadair Agreement

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2005 Cadair Agreement
Cadair Protocol to the CCACCC
Signed9 April 2005
LocationCardiff, Cadair
Effective9 April 2005
ConditionRatification by at least 55 states to the Convention
Expiration29 November 2021 (first commitment period)
DepositarySecretary-General of the C.C.A.

The 2005 Cadair Agreement was an international treaty which established the Coalition of Crown Albatross Convention on Climate Change (CCACCC). The agreement commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, based on the scientific consensus that global warming is occurring and that human-made CO2 emissions are driving it. The agreement was adopted in Cardiff, Cadair, on 9th April 2005 and entered into force on 13th April 2005. The agreement was reinforced in the 2021 CCC in Charnesse, Kuresa on November 3rd, 2021, when there were 112 parties to the Agreement..

The 2005 Agreement implemented the objective of the CCACCC to reduce the onset of global warming by reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere to "a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system". The Agreement applied to the seven greenhouse gases listed in the charter. The Agreement was based on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities: it acknowledged that individual countries have different capabilities in combating climate change, owing to economic development, and therefore placed the obligation to reduce current emissions on developed countries on the basis that they are historically responsible for the current levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.



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