The Kingdom of Cadair

Motto: "Cymru am byth"
Anthem: Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
Official languagesCymraeg
GovernmentAutocratic Monarchy
• Mab Darogan
Waywffon Morgan
Philip Northrop
• Total
65,610 km2 (25,330 sq mi)
• Estimate
HDI (2016)0.78
CurrencyCol (COL)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+83

The Kingdom of Cadair, simply called Cadair, is a autocratic monarchy in the International Democratic Union. Known for being an environmentally stunning nation with a short history, Cadair has had a small yet noteworthy impact on global history. They have diplomatic ties with many nations and are considered to be peaceful and diplomatic, many times being the leading delegate of many treaties, trade deals, and peace talks, most notably perhaps being the Treviso Nuclear Treaty with delegates of Zamastan in 1992 and the signing of the Treaty of Mönusÿnthys 2018-9B in 2018.


Cadair was made to be the fortress of the Cymry people, so the word for fortress, Cadair, was given to the Kingdom upon its founding in 1983.


Early History

The ancient land of Lloegr has been home to three people groups for thousands of years. The Cymry, the Prydain, and the Gaeil. But in the fifth century A.D. the Prydain Kingdoms attacked and conquered the Cymry kingdoms and Gaeil tribes. The Prydainians drove the Cymry across the bay and forced them to remain there. The Cymry people have tried to break free on several occasions but were never been able to get completely away from the Prydainians.

War for Cymry Independence

The age of democracy brought no comfort to the Cymry, as even the democratic system discriminated against them. The Cymry tried to break free in 1963 when two Welsh militias, the Byddin Rhyddid Cymru (Free Cymry Army) and the Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Movement for the Defense of Cymry), formed against the Republic of Prydainia, but both were destroyed by 1969. While disappointed with the results, the Welsh were determined to win their freedom. On 4 February, 1983 the Y Fyddin Annibyniaeth Gymreig (Army of Cymry Independence or ACI) was founded by a small group of revolutionaries , headed by Gerallt Morgan. It took several months but the ACI was armed and mobilized using guerrilla tactics to organize a quick surrender by Prydania. The War for Cymry Independence officially ended on 23 September, 1983 with the signing of the Rhyddid Treaty, which legalized the formation of a sovereign Cymry nation and was supposed to protect them from war with Prydania. Due to distrust of Prydania, the ACI leadership council met to quickly organize the new Cymry nation. The council refused to keep the name the British had stolen from them, and thus adopted the name Cadair, as the nation would be a fortress for all Cymry people, and the traditional name Cymry was given to the people. Lastly, the council named Gerallt Morgan as ruler of the nation, and gave him the title of Mab Darogan.

Prydainian Conflicts

Shortly after the founding of Cadair as a sovereign nation, the Prydainia tried to take back that which they lost. They would wage 2 more wars with Cadair over the next 23 years, each one costing them dearly.

Prydainian Conflict

The Prydainian Conflict began on 9 December, 1983. The Prydainia moved soldiers into Pontypridd, a city clearly given to Cadair in the Rhyddid Treaty. This was seen as an act of war and Mab Darogan Gerallt met the challenge by taking military bases in Carmarthen and Ruthin, which Prydania controlled. On 4 January, 1984, Prydainian militants launched mortars into Cardiff and Machynlleth, causing twelve civilian deaths, four military deaths and ninety-seven injuries. On 18 January, 1984, President Cassious Castovia of Zamastan threatened to declare war on the Republic of Prydainia if they refused to honor the Rhyddid Treaty. Thus the Prydainian Conflict ended.

Cymry-Prydainian War

The Cymry-Prydainian War began on 3 June, 1990, when Cadair declared war on the Prydainia to end the genocide against the Gaeil people. Mab Darogan Gerallt Morgan ordered the Cymry troops to storm the Prydainian capitol of Aberystwyth. The Prydainian government was overthrown but over the next 4 days the Cymry army clashed with Prydainian troops at Ruthin and Carmarthen.


Cadair is a small island in the northern areas of the Agrmai Ocean, south of Libertas Omnium Maximus and east of Groot Gouda. The island was originally a small volcano, which produced the Island of Cadair. The volcano is no longer active, but still effect the daily life of the Cymry. The south-west of Cadair is occupied by Snowdoni Mountains, named after the very volcano that formed the island. .

Glyder Fawr, south of Ruthid

Cadair has a total area of 65,610 kilometers squared, with a 1,543 kilometer coastline. The land is primarily flat coastal plains, rich with cities and agriculture. The plains are marked with Cadair's 98 rivers, the longest of which, the River Severn, flows for 361 kilometers before dropping into the ocean.


Due to its location just north of the equator Cadair has a warm, tropical climate. The costal plains have an average temperature of 83F, and rarely dropping more than 20F at night, while the highlands average 67F due to the Snodoni Mountains blocking much of the southern ocean winds. Rainfall patterns are fairly constant, with an average 0f 173.8 rainy days each year, and raining anywhere between 1600 and 2100 millimeters every year.


Cadair's long history as an island has not been friendly to animal, and the Republic of Prydania hunted much of the mammals and birds to extinction. The still surviving mammals and birds are protected by the government to allow them to rebuild populations. Unfortunately, the ecosystem was so badly damaged that animals had to be imported to try and restore the balance.



The Kingdom of Cadair has no official religion, due to Article 13 of Hawl I Rym. Despite having no official religion, the vast majority of people belong to one of two religions. 53% of the population practice Cadwaladr, 39% practice some form of Christianity, 5% are atheist and 3% practice other religions.


Cadair is home to many ancient cults, most of them stemming from the nation's pagan roots. The most common cult in Cadair is Solas of Awen a group who worships Awen, a goddess from ancient Cymry and Gaeil mythology. The Solas of Awen is also the largest drug trafficking and criminal organization in Cadair.


The Cymry have a rich culture, much of it due to their long ethnic history. The Cymry keep close groups of friends, and loyalty and honor are held in high regard, giving Cadair one of the lowest crime rates in the IDU.


The Cadairian people hold a great love of entertainment, both athletic or musical. In 2018, the Cymry Premier League opened for its first season, and both the Cymry Basketball League and the Cymry Boxing Association kicked of in January of 2019. All three of these have been extremely popular in Cadair, and have high viewership's. The Cadairian love of music can also be seen throughout the nation, as both orchestra and bands have begun to grow and play in many of Cadair's thirty-six venues.


Cadairians are known internationally for their love of festivals and holidays. There are three national festivals: Dydd Gwyl Dewi (1 March), where participants wear daffodils, participate in parades and feast in the evening; Mari Lwyd (31 DEC.-1 JAN.), is a New Year Celebration, filled with parades, dancing, drinking and fireworks; The biggest national festival is Day of Liberty (23 SEP.), the anniversary of Cymry independence.


(See article: Cadair)

Largest Census Metropolitan areas in Cadair by population

1 Aberystwyth 2,092,000
2 Cardiff 1,574,000
3 Port Talbot 1,120,000
4 Chepstow 1,020,000
5 Machynlleth 1,005,000
6 Bridgend 943,000
7 Tenby 921,000
8 Monmouth 860,000
9 Pontypridd 753,000
10 Fishguard 694,000
11 Carmarthen 507,000
12 Ruthin 341,000


Cadair is a Constitutional Monarchy, with the monarch, called Mab Darogan, wielding absolute power over the government. Most legal issues are localized under Mayors, who are elected by the people. The people are protected by the constitution, called Hawl I Rym. Hawl I Rym protects the rights of the people and gives them the right to impeach the mayors and to appeal to Mab Darogan in any legal matter.

National News

The Cadair Chronicle is the most popular Cymry news source, both domestically and internationally. It broadcasts through print, television, radio and the internet from its headquarters in Cardiff

The Cymry Free Press is also an extremely popular news source in Cadair, covering both hard and soft news. Many popular magazines, such as Sports Pictures and Popular Economics are owned by the Cymry Free Press.

Foreign Relations and Military

Even in it's short history Cadair has had a impact on international diplomacy. As a young, low population nation, war is a huge threat to Cadair, so Gerallt Morgan, 1st Mab Darogan, tried to make Cadair a safe place for communication between nations, by declaring Cadair a pacifist nation and a willing mediator for all international disputes. To further this, Gerallt Morgan had the Heddwch Tower built as a palace of international diplomacy. In a continuation of his pacifist plan, Gerallt Morgan formally disbanded the army and navy. He left the air force in place to prevent attacks on Cadair, but greatly lowered their numbers in funding.

In 2015, Mab Darogan passed the Cadair Security Act, which created the Cymry Peace Corps (CPC) to defend Cadair against hostile nations and to combat the growing drug trade.


Cadair was a key mediator in the Treviso Nuclear Treaty


Cadair is a free capitalist economy, putting few restrictions on companies. Cadair focuses on tourism, manufacturing, and mining. Cadair's exports account for 39% of its national output.


Tourism is Cadair's leading industry as the islands rich history, beautiful climate and warm oceans bring millions of visitors every year. The opening seasons of the national sports leagues in 2018 caused a tremendous increase in domestic tourism as well.


Cadair's manufacturers are predominantly focused on energy equipment, cars, trains, and engines. Cadair is one of the largest manufacturers of coal power equipment in the IDU, and the only manufacturer of Marine energy equipment. Cadair is also home to Ceffyl Automobiles, a large automobile manufacturer gaining ground overseas.


Many of the mountains of Cadair are laden with volcanic metals, such as Aluminum and nickel. Iron and coal are also plentiful. While some of these metals are exported, most remain in the country for manufacturing uses.


While much of Cadair's electricity is coal based, the nation has been pushing towards green energy. As of January, 2019, Wind energy provides 17% of the nations power and marine energy provides 36%.