2020 Garamburan presidential election

2020 Garamburan presidential election
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147 members of the National Assembly
74 districts needed to win
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Nominee Zivai Mushohwe Anesu Madhuku Mbira Masunda
Party Garamburan National Party Social Party of Garambura Forum for Change
District MB-Chalandray MB-Ntawha NM-Capitol

  Mutambara 2009 crop.jpg Uchi Mutambara.jpg Martin Moyo in his ceremonial regalia at the Mayoral parlor in 2015.jpg
Nominee Nakai Mumbengegwi[1] Uchi Mutambara Mxolisi Matshikiza
Party Garamburan Section of the Workers' International Movement for Bahian Unification Miners' Party
District MB-Gambaiseuil MB-Mzilikazi NM-Kambou

President before election

Muzukuru Chiyangwa (resigned)
Garamburan National Party

Elected President


The 2020 Garamburan presidential election is a presidential election scheduled for July 31, 2020, in the Republic of Garambura. The elections will elect the new President of Garambura by district-based voting, and were called following the resignation of Muzukuru Chiyangwa on March 4 following a financial scandal within his party. The 2020 elections will be the 12th quadrennial election held in Garambura, and is the first time a snap election has been called in the country's history. Five of six candidates have declared for the election on March 4, along with a series of independents, the Garamburan National Party followed suit on March 5, declaring current Vice President Zivai Mushohwe as their candidate.

Candidates began launching their campaigns as far back as 2018 for the scheduled election in 2021, these campaigns have since increased in frequency due to the election's rescheduling. The Garamburan National Party will be seeking their seventh President and the continuation of their dominant electoral record, having won every election since 1969. Other parties, in particular the left-wing PSG-SGIO coalition, will be looking to secure the presidency for the first time in their histories.


The 2020 election is the first called snap election in Garambura's history following the resignation of Muzukuru Chiyangwa on March 4, the election was announced officially on March 5 and most candidates were announced by the fifth. Article 4 of the Garamburan constitution states that elections will be held every five years, meaning the succeeding election to 2020 is scheduled to take place in 2025, should no snap elections be called during that period. Presidential nominees must be fluent in Gaullican and have resided in the country for at least five years. Unlike many other countries, there is no age limit on presidential candidacy. Tapfuma Mkondo has been the country's youngest president, taking office aged 42 in 1984. There is also no limit on the number of terms a president may serve, the source of much debate throughout the 2010s on amending the constitution.

Polls and outlets have predicted the 2020 election to be one of the closest in Garambura's history. Due to the nature at which Chiyangwa's presidency concluded, the Garamburan National Party is expected to take a hit in the votes, which could end its 50-year dominance period within the country. The left-wing coalition of the Social Party and GSWI will look to enter government for the first time, a pivotal moment, should it occur, in the country's political history, due to its staunchly right-wing, neo-liberal history in Bahia.

The white demographic of Garambura is expected to be crucial in the upcoming election. Representing around 18% of the total electorate and some 30% of the electorate of Mambiza, the white demographic, particularly among those over 30, have historically been one of the Garamburan National Party's strongest electoral bases. The Social Party are looking to sway the black vote in Mambiza towards themselves, with black voters in Mambiza often voting PSG or SGIO in more extreme circumstances for the past 35 years, since the exit of Takakunda Kuda Kani from the presidency. An emerging 16-to-30 year old demographic is also expected to bolster the votes of the left-wing parties. The Forum for Change will also look to pounce on the dissuaded right-wing voters of the Garamburan National Party to expand their political presence within the country. The party, led by Mbira Masunda of New Mina, has spent the better part of its existence providing confidence and supply for the Garamburan National Party, and have only entered government once with the election of Chisi Ndlovu's 2009 coalition government, before being ousted from government again with Chiyangwa's 2014 election.

Opinion polling

Ethnic trends

Geographical trends


District predictions

2020 Election Predictions
District Previous result
The Garamburan
Chehoko PNG +10.5 PNG
Jecha PSG +3.4
Mabuva PNG +7.6
Makado PNG +11.5
Mapedza PNG +4.3
Matule PSG +9.4
Mavairi PNG +16.4
Mpilo PSG +7.6
Mufahore PNG +17.0
Mukutukutu IND +2.3
Nenyunka PNG +6.5
Rambanapasi IND +1.9
Rashamira PNG +3.1
Rutenga PNG +0.4
Sanangura PSG +7.1
Shagari PNG +6.3
Shoteli PNG +5.6
Suswe PNG +4.0
Tavuya PSG +10.3
Tshakabanda PNG +7.9
Chikutuva PNG +11.3
Kuda Kani PNG +14.0
Nord PNG +13.5
Sud PNG +21.3
Chinoda PNG +2.1
Emafengwini PSG +4.3
Ganga PNG +3.1
Hlangano PNG +2.5
Masikote PSG +6.6
Matombomaviri PSG +7.0
Muchinapo PSG +1.3
Mungesi PSG +4.4
Mupfudze PNG +5.0
Ngezi PNG +0.9
Somquibe PNG +1.0
Tokura PSG +3.3
Amou PSG +0.5
Arguillon PNG +15.4
Armaillé PNG +14.3
Aubure PNG +9.3
Aujan PNG +10.3
Aurimont PNG +9.7
Butabubili PSG +3.9
Chalandray PNG +29.4 PNG
Charumbira PSG +9.4
Chauruka PSG +8.0
Chebundo PSG +11.7
Chidonitofaraseyi PSG +1.4
Chilhac PNG +21.3
Chilimanzi PSG +4.7
Chimhawu PSG +5.1
Chipungowe PNG +3.6
Chitofa PSG +2.2
Chivhu PNG +3.3
Chizema PNG +7.8
Clavies PSG +0.3
Cossonnais PNG +33.2
Dzivakwi PNG +17.9
Esquay PNG +20.1
Forcili PNG +22.1
Franay PNG +19.5
Gambaiseuil SGIO +7.0 SGIO
Gare d'Hourege PNG +2.7
Gare de Amsalu PNG +1.7
Gulakibili PNG +5.7
Gwanda PNG +8.9
Hagetaubin PNG +11.4
Houetteville PNG +14.7
Ingezi PSG +19.4
Izé PNG +19.8
Jera PSG +11.4
Jongieux PNG +3.5
Labey PNG +6.3
Lauban PNG +9.9
Levet PNG +8.7
Lovette PNG +10.1
Luhonja PSG +2.3
Mabuze PSG +10.3
Machakadze PSG +3.0
Madya PNG +4.5
Maimbeville PNG +20.2
Makufa PSG +1.4
Maranami PNG +3.7
Mataga PSG +2.9
Mathenay PNG +7.1
Mbambo PSG +3.7
Mowonema PSG +5.1
Musonza PSG +4.2
Mutasa Village SGIO +3.2
Mzilikazi MUB +2.8 PSG
Ndirazepatswa PNG +0.5
Nehonde SGIO +1.9
Ntawha PSG +10.8 PSG
Nyamadzavo PSG +1.8
Nyamwanga PSG +7.1
Pelela PNG +3.1
Place de la Sougoulie PNG +8.7
Poire PNG +15.5
Rambakudzihwa PSG +4.0
Raucoules PNG +1.4
Sahlupeka PSG +2.6
Salankomo PSG +4.3
Sipepa PSG +9.8
Takarindwa PSG +1.8
Trente-Avril PNG +0.9
Tsvangirayi PNG +3.6
Urayai MUB +3.3
Valluy PNG +11.9
Vanhukwavo PSG +3.7
Vauxbons PNG +29.4
Villefavard PNG +27.6
Villemenant PNG +30.1
Villevielle PNG +22.4
Vincelles PNG +17.3
Zhangira PSG +1.0
Kwa-Nolokoza PSG +11.3
Lusulu Village FC +2.9
Ngavangava PSG +14.4
Sanengeta PSG +3.6
Mashayamambe PNG +7.6
Mpilo PNG +8.3
Nkarakati PNG +5.6
Vulashaba PNG +4.0
Avoca SGIO +10.3
Kandana SGIO +11.3
Lorelei PNG +2.3
Luhotswa SGIO +9.5
Mademauli MUB +1.4
Mangura MUB +0.7
Mateverere PNG +1.0
Mpotedzi SGIO +6.7
Npuma FC +0.2
Pumula PSG +1.8
Tsaurai SGIO +8.1
Zunde PNG +0.9
New Mina
Capitol FC +4.4 FC
Centrale PNG +3.4
Djedet SGIO +22.1
Kambou PM +5.7 PM
veRwizi MUB +0.3
Mangoro PSG +1.7
Manyanda FC +1.3
Mapaniwenyama PNG +6.8
Mashake FC +2.0
Semawuru PNG +10.3
Susmani PNG +4.8
Tsetana PNG +7.1
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