Adeodatus du Caeseti

Adeodatus du Caeseti
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Dictator of Sydalon
In office
10 January 2018 – 29 March 2018
Preceded byMelisende III
as Queen of Sydalon
Succeeded byAdi Philosir
Chancellor-General of the Blessed Guardians of the Spear of Destiny
In office
26 June 2013 – 7 November 2017
MonarchJordan IX
Melisende III
Preceded byRecared Athanagild
Succeeded byEradi Kanmi
Member of the Chamber of Peers
Lord Temporal
In office
26 June 2013 – 7 November 2017
as Chancellor-General
Appointed byJordan IX
Personal details
Adeodatus Bastien Achille du Caeseti

(1967-08-17) 17 August 1967 (age 52)
Alma materOlympia
Military service
Allegiance23x15px Kingdom of Sydalon
Service/branch<imgur w=25>Z3xXcZl.png</imgur> Order of the Holy Lance
23x15px Guardians of Saint Peter's Throne (1989–1994)
Years of service1981 – 2017
RankUS Air Force O10 shoulderboard rotated.svg Legate

Adeodatus du Caeseti (Adeodatus Bastien Achille du Caeseti; b. 17 August 1967) is a Sydalene general. He was the primary leader of the attempted Sydalene Republic as Dictator. He previously served as Chancellor-General of the Order of the Holy Lance from 2013 after his appointment by King Jordan IX, until his removal by Queen Melisende III in November 2017.

Prior to his appointment as Chancellor-General, Caeseti served as a member of the Sydalene Defense Forces within the Order of the Holy Lance; he briefly served in the Guardians of Saint Peter's Throne after completing his education and officer training at Latium's Academia Militaris Olympia. His tenure as Chancellor-General ended in November 2017 when he was accused of sexual misconduct and breaking his vows and later found guilty in civilian criminal court and later a military tribunal. He was later released from prison at Sant Filipe by protesters during the early days of the Sydalene Revolution. Since the failure of the attempted overthrow, Caeseti is imprisoned at an unknown location in Sydalon.

Early life and education

Caeseti was born on 17 August 1967 at Sydalon's Saint Philip National Hospital, as the youngest son and child of Ardo I, Lord of Caeseti and Belandra Adonibal. He was primarily raised at his family's ancestral estate, Castra Caeseti.

After completing his secondary education, he was conscripted into the Sydalene military and earned admittance to Olympia Military Academy in Latium. Caeseti attended Olympia for three years, studying International Relations. He returned to Sydalon after his graduation, and soon after joined the Guardians of Saint Peter's Throne under a four year contract before finally taking his holy vows and joining the Order of the Holy Lance.

Appointment as Catapan

Caeseti joined the Order of the Holy Lance after ending his term of service with the Fabrian based Guardians of Saint Peter's Throne, taking his holy vows on 7 May 1989 at the age of 27, entering with the rank of First Captain. In 2013, Catapan Recared Athanagild died, leaving a vacancy for the holy order's chief administrator post. Caeseti's name was first put forward by his brother, Ardo II, Lord of Caeseti, who was a member of the High Court. He was considered the front runner for the appointment until Princess Melisende, announced that she wished to earn the appointment with most thinking that she sought it to gain an early grasp on ruling. However, Caeseti was appointed by King Jordan IX on 26 June 2013, becoming the youngest appointee as Catapan since Michael, Prince of Latium in 1920.

Caeseti's tenure was noted for his heavy involvement in the day-to-day activity of the Order, though reportedly clashed early on with King Jordan's refusal to continue with the forced conversion policies of Queen Elissa IV. Caeseti was one of the most charitable Catapan's in recent history, regularly donating his own personal wealth to charities throughout Sydalon and often using the Order's administrative apparatus to support the public at large. However, Caeseti's tenure was also noted for its poor treatment of religious minorities, though Caeseti denied any systematic targeting of minorities.

Removal and imprisonment

In late October 2017, Caeseti was accused of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by Dido Magro, a 21 year old from Sydalon. In her public address, Ms. Magro accused Caeseti of sexually assaulting her while on vacation in county Petra in 2015. A second allegation came out hours later, when a Jewish woman from Petra, Arda Mifsud, came forward claiming Caeseti threatened due to her religion and promised not to force her conversion before he "forced himself" on her.[1]

Caeseti was abroad for a series of international good-will visits to Catholic nations of Belisaria when the allegations were announced, eventually besieging him at the Sydalene Embassy in Castellum. The news saw Caeseti's meetings with While in Castellum, a third victim came forward, this time Latin, with claims of rape. Though ordered by Queen Melisened III to return to Sydalon, he refused and remained at the embassy until he was arrested by Latin officials on 1 November 2017 while attempting to reach Diana Augusta International Airport and flee to Fabria-Poveglia. After returning to Ostracine, Caeseti was indicted by a Royal tribunal on 7 counts of severe sexual misconduct, 3 counts of abuse of power, a single count of violating his holy vows. He was also indicted in a military court for abuse of office and violation of his holy vows.

Sydalene Revolution

Styles, honors, and arms


  • 17 August 1967 – 7 May 1989: Lord Adeodatus du Caeseti
  • 26 June 2013 – 1 November 2017: The Most Honorable Catapan Adeodatus du Caeseti, Lord of the Realm

Domestic honors

  •  Sydalon: Knight of the Order of St. Philip Lourdes.png (rescinded)
  •  Sydalon Knight of the Collar of the Order of the Holy Lance Mauriziana BAR.svg (rescinded)

Foreign decorations

  •  Latium: Knight of the Most Noble Order of Saint Maria Order of the Most Holy Annunciation BAR.svg (rescinded)


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