Melisende III of Sydalon

Melisende III
Melisende III, 2018.jpg
Melisende in 2018
Queen of Sydalon
Reign3 September 2017 – present
Anointing3 October 2017
PredecessorJordan IX
Heir apparentHugh, Prince of Petra
Co-Princess of Ascalzar
Reign3 September 2017 – present
PredecessorJordan IX
First Counsellor Rafael Matamoros
Born (1993-08-05) 5 August 1993 (age 26)
Palis de Aultavilla, Ostracine, Sydalon
Full name
Melisende Belandra Elissa Emmanuelle Dianne
HouseAultavilla (official)
Toron (agnatic)
FatherDesiderius, Prince of Petra
MotherEirene of Latium
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Melisende III (Melisende Belandra Elissa Emmanuelle Dianne; b. 5 August 1993) is the Queen of Sydalon.

Melisende was born in Ostracine as the first child of Desiderius, Prince of Petra and Princess Eirene of Latium. She was educated primarily from the home, until her enrollment at Empress Alexandra College, Castellum, where she studied international relations and history. She briefly served in the Sydalene Defense Forces from 2011 through 2012 for her mandatory service requirements. In 2012, she married Godfrey Galan, and the marriage ended in an annulment by 2016. In 2018, she married Prince Michael of Dakmoor.

Her father passed away in 2015, after which she served as heir apparent. She took up royal duties in 2013. After the death of Jordan IX, in 2017, Melisende became Queen regnant of Sydalon, Co-Princess of Ascalzar, and Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Lance. She is the youngest Sydalene monarch since the reign of Belandra III in 1834. Melisende's reign was impacted following the arrest of Adeodatus du Caeseti, and the arrest of members of the Order of the Holy Lance for sexual impropriety, eventually leading to the Sydalene Spring. Throughout the revolt, Melisende held court in Ascalzar, until the successful capture of Sydalon and the leaders of the revolution in May 2018. She called for a new constitutional amendments in June 2018, though has yet to introduce any formal changes.

Early life and education

Melisende was born on 5 August 1993, at Palis de Aultavilla, in Ostracine as the eldest child and daughter of Desiderius, Prince of Petra and Princess Eirene of Latium. She has three younger brothers, William, Roletus, Bohemond; and a younger sister Desideria. Melisende was baptized into the Fabrian Catholic Church on 17 September 1993, in Sarepta, by Archbishop Hanno Drobeta, with her godparents being, Prince Francis of Sydalon (her paternal uncle); King Jordan IX of Sydalon (her paternal grandfather); Caroline of Ghant, Queen consort of Onneria (her mother's close friend); and Latin Empress Diana Augusta (her maternal grandmother). As the eldest granddaughter of the heir apparent, Melisende was third in line to the Sydalene throne at her birth and was afforded the title "Princess of Aballava".


Melisende was primarily educated by private tutors and governesses that were hired by her parents. Her lessons primarily focused on art, history, language, scripture, and the Constitution. Throughout her childhood and education, Melisende was also regularly tutored by members of the clergy, most notably the Pope in her teenage years.

Melisende became the first member of the Sydalene Royal Family to attend university when she was enrolled at Empress Alexandra College, Castellum in 2013 after completing a gap year in which she completed a year of mandatory military service. Her enrollment was initially controversial among noble circles in Sydalon when it was reported she would be living in student housing. After the report, the Royal Family announced that Melisende would be living in off-campus housing with Princess Maria of Latium at Velia House. She gained admission to Empress Alexandra College, a constituent college of University of Castellum Iohannes XIII. While in university, she studied international relations and history. She participated in a number of extra-curricular activities, including equestrian. Melisende was also student leader of the campus's Catholic Student Union and occasionally attending meetings of the college's Student Conservatives club.

Royal duties

Upon turning 18, Melisende began to partake in various royal duties on behalf of her grandfather, and even her father who was heir apparent at the time. One of these early duties was as representative of King Jordan at the 2011 Ludi Circenses. Melisende became Honorary President of the Sydalene Football Association in November 2012, and while an honorary position in nature, Melisende was integral in securing Sydalon as the host of the 2014 UAFA World Cup.

Princess Melisende during her mandatory service with the Sydalene Defense Forces, 2012.

However it wasn't until Melisende turned 19 that she began to more actively assume duties, the first of which was an official visit to Ascalzar with her father, Desiderius, Prince of Petra. She also accompanied King Jordan during his 2012 Belisarian trip to Latium, Vannois, Lihnidos, and Nekor. Her first solo international visit came in late 2012 when she traveled to Langael, a predominantly Catholic region of Ghant. It is believed this is when Melisende first met Godfrey Galan. Melisende met with Lord Donal of Langael, and reportedly had elected to remain in Langael for two extra days before returning to Sydalon. Their engagement was announced in November 2011, marrying in summer 2012.

In early 2013, Chancellor-General Recared Athanagild of the Order of the Holy Lance passed away creating the need for King Jordan IX's regent to appoint a replacement. Days after Athanagild's funeral, Melisende publicly announced that she desired to be appointed to the position. Melisende's declaration sparked a debate in the Parliament as to whether she could serve as Chancellor-General without any prior military service or career. Melisende would eventually attend the debates in person, citing that the role was largely administrative and countered that as the heir apparent she was best suited to attend to the administrative duties of Chancellor-General as they related to local governance in Petra. King Jordan eventually appointed Adeodatus du Caeseti to the position.


King Jordan IX suffered a stroke on 2 March 2011. Days later, royal doctors announced that the King had also been diagnosed with dementia, which prompted the Haut Cour to begin the process of formalizing a regency. Melisende's father, Desiderius, Prince of Petra, was originally appointed regent, however would eventually step down on 1 January 2013 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Melisende was nominated to serve as an alternate regent by the royal household and Jordan IX's last will and testament, though faced opposition from the Haut Cour and her father, who sought to appoint Queen Héloïse as regent. Melisende was eventually passed over in favor of Queen Héloïse, as Melisende had yet to finish her education. Melisende continued to serve on the Haut Cour, and was granted more responsibilities upon completing university. Melisende's first major royal duty as a member of the Haut Cour was overseeing her father's state funeral, as he died 4 months after stepping down as regent.


In late August 2017, King Jordan IX suffered a stroke and had been hospitalized, passing away on 3 September 2017. It was rumored that Melisende would assume the regnal name Elissa upon taking the throne, however she was proclaimed as Melisende III by the Royal Herald.

Melisende visiting the village of Sarepta after her ascension, October 2017.

Melisende was anointed on 3 October 2017 in a ceremony hosted at Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre in the city of Sydalon. The event was attended by prominent members of the Parliament, as well as representatives from many nations and monarchies from around the world.


Melisende's first act as monarch was to replace Chancellor Ibelina. Ibelina was removed from office by the Royal prerogative on October 10, and was replaced with Adeodata Haddad de Saabi. While Haddad resigned her seat in the National Assembly, Melisende's appointment of Haddad marked the first time in Sydalene history that a member of the National Assembly was appointed to any ministry. Melisende ennobled Haddad as a "Lady of the Realm" moments after the announcement.

After the appointment of Haddad, Melisende ordered government to lift the ban on restricting senators on the Chamber of Peers to join political parties. She also explored legislation to require healthcare providers to offer free contraception. On November 4, Melisende provided Royal assent to a Parliamentary bill ordering all healthcare providers in Sydalene markets to offer plans that provide free or significantly reduced contraception as part of carrier plans.

Caeseti allegations

Between late-October and early-November 2017, Chancellor-General Adeodatus du Caeseti of the Holy Lance faced numerous allegation of sexual misconduct and impropriety. These allegations continued to arise throughout the week while du Caeseti was overseas during a foreign visit to Catholic Belisarian nations. On November 1, du Caeseti was recalled to Ostracine by Melisende though he had refused to leave the Sydalene embassy in Castellum. The next day, du Caeseti attempted to flee the Sydalene embassy and make his way to a private jet to reach Fabria, but was apprehended by Latin Frumentarii for questioning in relation to allegations from a Latin citizens of rape.

Days later, du Caeseti was returned to Sydalon my Latin officials and was indicted on 11 criminal counts, including 7 for sexual misconduct by a Royal grand jury assembled by Melisende.[1] The same day, Melisende exercised her royal prerogative to initiate the process to expidite du Caeseti's removal while his criminal case was pending.

The pending criminal charges were not without controversy, as Melisende's decision to expedite du Caeseti's removal was met with numerous protesters claiming the allegations were "fake news and attacks against the faith". The protests resulted in 17 arrests for violation of lese majeste laws. du Caeseti's supporters within the Order continued to denounce Melisdene's "unlawful removal" of du Caeseti, and called it an affront to God "unfit from the protector of Christendom's Holy Land." Melisdende censured the nearly 20 members of the Order's administrative upper echelon. As of November 15, the Sydalene Royal Army's 3rd Legion in Petra was mobilized, as was an army garrisoned near Ostracine.

On November 18, the Royal household announced that it had narrowed down the list of possible replacements down to three.

Sydalene riots

The conflict now referred to as the Sydalene Troubles began on 31 December 2017 as a series of protests against the government and Melisende's decision to push for the death penalty for deposed Order of the Holy Lance members, including Adeodatus du Caeseti. Popular support for Melisende's actions in the Caeseti scandal were initially supportive of her swift action, many saw her subsequent actions of involving herself into criminal prosecution as too far; this resulted in protests at Sant Filipe courthouse in Ostracine, with later protests at the royal residence, Palis de Aultavilla. The protests remained peaceful until January 3, when Royal Guards outside of Palis de Aultavilla opened fire on protesters after broke palace windows and injured guards by throwing bricks or stones. The incident left 5 dead.[2]

The incident at the Palis de Aultavilla gates enraged protesters, who began to gather in greater numbers all throughout the palace district, bottling up streets and bringing the government to a grinding halt due to fear of attack. Later that night, protesters gathered at Sant Filipe forced police and local guards to retreat into the building. Protesters stormed the facility's gates, and were fired at by police, though eventually captured the facility and released the few prisoners held there.[3] Those within Palis de Aultavilla claim Melisende was "distraught" and "unsettled" at the news, both by the actions of the police and the protesters.

Through an alliance led by royalist forces, Latium, and the Order of Saint Joseph, the revolution ended on 10 May 2018 with the capture of Sydalon and the arrest of Adi Philosir and other key members of the Committee for Popular Unity and Safety. She returned to the city the following day, announcing plans for more representative constitutional amendments.


Melisende's government during the Mifsud era has been described as tumultuous at best as numerous scandals eventually toppled the attempt at parliamentary democracy in Sydalon. On 27 August 2018, Melisende approved an easing of sanctions on Mutul, which were later revealed to be proposed by then Minister of Finance and Economy Annibale Milki. The news of the proposed eased sanctions prompted outcry from various nations, such as Belfras, Fakolana, and Yisrael, but were praised by Liothidia, and Sante Reze, the later due to the only difference between Mutulese capital punishment and other nations is the religious labeling attached. After pressures from allied nations, and the National Assembly, Melisende issued a royal decree halting the proposed ease, and sacked Minister Milki.

On October 23, government emails from the Council of Ministers were leaked by Ghant-based Honeydrippers. The Honeydippers scandal implicated People's Party Leader and Minister of the Interior Pelae Arvad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Desiderius de Villepena, and Minister of Agriculture Michael Galea. The leaked emails cover topics ranging from lobbying firms offering to meet with members of the Council of Ministers to The Queen to The Prince of Petra. In the emails, government ministers were revealed to accept bribes, and violate lese majeste laws for accusing Melisende of having an affair during her marriage to Godfrey Galan. The scandal prompted the resignation of the government ministers involved, and a dissolution of the National Assembly with new elections by Queen Melisende.

A second election took place on November 24, though unlike the summer 2018 election, Melisende has not appointed any ministers that serve in the National Assembly for the majority party.

Personal life

Marriage to Godfrey Galan

On 13 June 2012, Melisende married Godfrey Galan, the youngest son of Ghantish nobleman Donal, Lord of Langael, at a ceremony in the city of Sydalon at the Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre and was performed by the Pope. Melisende was first betrothed to Godfrey in December 2012. The ceremony was attended by numerous high profile guests including monarchs or representatives from Latium, Ghant, Lyncanestria, and many others. Melisende and Godfrey were bestowed Castela du Normane in Alalia as their official residence, though would spend most of their time in Castellum until Melisende graduated from university in spring 2016. In 2016, Castra Rubea in Sydalon became Melisende's primary residence. She gave birth to their only child, Hugh, Prince of Petra, in 2014.

Melisende's marriage to Godfrey ended on 23 April 2016 when she sought an annulment after Godfrey had been outed as a homosexual. The annulment was granted by Pope Julius IV on 23 April 2016.

Marriage to Michael of Dakmoor

After her annulment, Melisende courted a number of suitors from 2016 to 2017, including Prince Charles of Vierville, Prince Edgar of Gaemar, and Gabriel, Hereditary Prince of Montgisard. However, the Royal Household announced Melisende's engagement to Prince Michael of Dakmoor in January 2018.

She and Michael were married on 3 June 2018, at Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre in the city of Sydalon. The service was performed by the Pope, with invitees from throughout the world. She gave birth to their first child, Melisende in October 2018. In September 2019, she gave birth to twins: Michael and Desiderius.

Styles, honors, and arms

Styles of
The Queen
Sydalon Royal Coat of Arms.png
Reference styleHer Royal Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleHer Majesty


  • 5 August 1993 – 22 May 2013: Her Royal Highness Princess Melisende of Petra
  • 22 May 2013 – 3 September 2017: Her Royal Highness The Princess of Petra
    • 22 May 2013 – 3 September 2017: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Aballava
  • 3 September 2017 – present: Her Royal Majesty The Queen
    • in Ascalzar: 3 September 2017 – present: Her Majesty The Queen, Princess of Ascalzar

Foreign decorations

  •  Ascalzar: Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Hieronymus I MEX Order of the Aztec Eagle 5Class BAR.png November 2014
  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg 2 August 2014
  •  Lyncanestria: Officer of the Order of the Imperial Lion <imgur w="50">5qFKBzS.png</imgur> March 2017


Name Date of birth Date of death Spouses
By Godfrey Galan (b. 1990):
Hugh, Prince of Petra (2014-04-10) 10 April 2014 (age 5)
By Prince Michael of Dakmoor (b. 1991):
Princess Melisende of Sydalon (2018-11-01) 1 November 2018 (age 11 months)
Prince Michael of Sydalon (2019-09-12) 12 September 2019 (age 1 month)
Prince Desiderius of Sydalon (2019-09-12) 12 September 2019 (age 1 month)