Augustus Civitas Hadrianopolis
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From top, clockwise left to right:
Flag of Adrianople
Patria Imperatorum (Birthplace of Emperors)
Country Latium
RegionGreater Adrianople
Subdivisions10 districts
EstablishedAD 129
 • BodyCity Assembly
 • LeadershipAssembly and Mayor
 • Assembly ControlUnited Latium
 • Propraetorvacant
 • Deputy PropraetorAgnes Lutatia
 • MayorJason Titiedius
 • City3,872,021
 • Rank2nd in Latium
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC-1 (WBT)
Dialing code005
Patron SaintsSaint PLACEHOLDER, Saint Maria I Augusta, Saint Marina,

Adrianople (officially Augustus Civitas Hadrianopolis; Adrianopolis) is a city in western Latium, and the second largest city in Latium after Castellum, with an estimated population of 3,872,021. Its ever growing urban area stretches to encompass nearly all of the County of Adrianople, with a population of 6,912,191, ranking Xth in the Belisarian Community. Adrianople served as the capital of the exiled Claudii Emperors in Adrianople, from AD 1040 until 1410.

Adrianople has long been considered one of, if not the, fashion capital of Latium, as well as a design capital. The city also hosts many cultural institutions, athletic teams, academies and universities, including the University of Haenna within its metropolitan area. It has hosted many international events, including the Belisarian Summits of XXXX and YYYY, as well as the AIHA Men's World Tournament in 1934 and 1974, as well as the Women's tournament in 1976.


The city was originally founded as a legionary camp in the 2nd century AD, with the name referred to as Colonia Medianio, believed to be named for its location near the River Anio. The city was renamed Augustus Civitas Hadrianopolis in the 4th century AD after being visited by Latin Emperor Hadrian I. Today it is colloquially referred to as Adrianopolis, or more archaically as Hadrianopolis.



Adrianople is governed by a city Assembly, which is the legal successor of the Adrianople Senate during the Emperor's in Adrianople period. Today, the Assembly is composed of 48 members elected every five years by first-past-the-post voting. The most recent Assembly elections resulted in United Latium taking control of the legislative body from the Progressives. The chief executive of the city is the mayor, whom is appointed by the city's Propraetor upon the advice and consent of the Assembly. Recent calls for reform have attempted to see the mayor popularly elected, like in Castellum. Mayoral terms are unlimited with a duration of five years, appointment taking place after the most recent general elections. The current mayor is Jason Titiedius.

The Propraetor of the County of Adrianople acts as the Monarch's chief representative in county, city, and local affairs, and since 1980 has been held by the heir apparent; prior to 1980, the position was hereditary, belonging to the Dukes of Adrianople. When the role of heir apparent is vacant, or a minor, the role is filled by the county's Deputy Propraetor.





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