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Holy Principality of Alteria

Flag of Alteria
Official languagesAlterian, Pragish, English
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Christian IX
• Prime Minister
Olivier Russell
Upper House
House of Commons
from the United Kingdom
• Constitution Act 1852
15 April 1852
• Statute of Herrenhausen
9 October 1931
• Independence Proclaimed
21 October 1931
46,543 km2 (17,970 sq mi)
• X941 (2015) estimate
• Census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
55.078 Alterian dollars (33.047 Billion Gil)
• Per capita
HDI (2013)Increase 0.915
very high
CurrencyAlterian Dollars (ALD) (ALD)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+34

Alteria officially, the Holy Principality of Alteria is a sovereign country in Zemuria. It neighbors the Erebonian Empire to the South; and the Republic of Calvard to the east.

Prior to the Lucian Expedition, Alteria was a province under the Calvard Republic. Alteria was one of the last place where the Protestant Reformation took place. It bought the foundation of the Septian Church and its separation from the Calvardian Catholic Church. Calvardian Stadholder Henry II of Calvard sought to suppress the reformers, igniting the Alterian Rebellion of 1683, in which the Alterian rebels won. The Treaty of Altair (1690) ended up recognizing Alteria independent from Calvard. In 1700, the War of Estharian Succession ignited, which dragged Lucis into the conflict. The Calvardian government suppressed Lucian interests in the region, prompting the Lucis government to send in troops into Alteria. An uninhabited Northern Alteria was the starting point for the first Lucian colony in Zemuria. The war ended in 1714, which resulted in the death of Alteria's ruler, Friedrich II. Without a ruler, various Alterian groups vied for control of the country, culminating in the 1718 Alterian Civil War, which also dragged the Lucian colony of Northern Alteria. The war ended in 1720, when the Lucian forces defeated the two major Alterian factions, the Alterian Republic and the Principality of Alteria in the Battle of Valdaren. This consolidated Alteria as a colony ruled directly by the Lucis Government.

Following the Statute of Herrenhausen in 1931, the Alterian Parliament voted to have its own government and monarch during the 1932 Alterian Referendum, which ended Alteria's status as a Commonwealth realm. Despite it, relations between Alteria and Lucis were warm, with the two nations fighting alongside during the Second Europan War and on the War of Lorican Aggression. In 1975, Alteria became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, at the same time as the Erebonian Empire became a member of the Commonwealth. Alterian monarchs are always first blessed by the church, in accordance to the Septian Church laws, in which the ruler must be a baptised Septian Christian.

Under the Luciosphere, the English language thrives in Alteria and is ranked the highest, with Erebonia following behind. It possesses the 14th largest economy, and the second highest quality of life in Zemuria. Alteria is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the International Red Cross Association.






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