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Anagnos government

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Government of Stephanos Anagnos
Lihnidos Flag.png
31st Government of the Empire of Lihnidos
May 2022 - present
Nikos Androulakis PASOK.jpg
Date formed16 May 2022
(10 months, 1 week and 1 day)
People and organisations
MonarchStella II
and Grand Logothete
Stephanos Anagnos
No. of ministers18
Member party   Conservative-National Alliance
Status in legislatureMinority
169 / 350 (48%)
Opposition party   Democratic Coalition
Opposition leaderFania Zarou
Election(s)2018 general election
Legislature term(s)25th Bouleuterion
PredecessorRaptis IV

The Anagnos government is the current government of Lihnidos led by Archon and Grand Logothete Stephanos Anagnos. The Anagnos government was formed on 16 May 2022 following Anagnos' election as leader of the Conservative-National Alliance and subsequent appointment as archon and grand logothete. It succeeded the fourth Raptis government and has been the incumbent government for 10 months, 1 week and 1 day.

The government is comprised of members of the CNA and supported by the Populist People's Party through a confidence and supply agreement negotiated under the fourth Raptis government following the 2018 general election. The Council of Logothetes, the main organ of the government, is composed of eighteen logothetes, five women and thirteen men. Four logothetes were reappointed to their positions held during the fourth Raptis government while the other fourteen were new appointees.

The government is currently operating as a minority government due to not having a majority in the Bouleuterion.


Background and formation

On 24 April 2022 the Chairman of the Conservative-National Alliance announced that at least fifteen percent of CNA deputies in the Bouleuterion had submitted letters declaring they had loss confidence in CNA leader Fotis Raptis. CNA deputies were officially notified through letters sent by party secretary Evelina Kokkinos and were informed that the triggered motion of no confidence would take place on 27 April 2022. Following the announcements, Deputy Stephanos Anagnos of Samos spoke to media outlets and identified himself as one of the members who had lost confidence in Raptis' leadership. Citing poor performance in the previous three general elections, a loss in a recent by-elections, and mismanagement of party resources, Anagnos said that he and his colleagues who had submitted letters to the party chairman had lost faith in Raptis to lead the party through the upcoming October general election.

Raptis speaking to reporters following the no confidence vote.

On 27 April 2022 all one hundred sixty-nine CNA deputies participated in voting on the motion of no confidence. Following the vote, party chairman Claus Vascos announced that a majority of CNA deputies had lost confidence in Raptis, with ninety-nine deputies no longer having confidence in his leadership opposed to seventy who still had confidence. Raptis, speaking to reporters from Palamaras Mansion following the defeat, touted his accomplishments and said that he, while disappointed in the result, would respect the outcome and would step down as the leader of the party after a new leader had been chosen.

The CNA held leadership elections over the course of 2 May to 13 May. On 13 May 2022, Stepahnos Anagnos, who was considered to be the main force behind the motion of no confidence in Raptis, was elected by CNA deputies as the new leader of the party. Following Anagnos' election, Raptis announced his resignation as archon, grand logothete, and leader of the Conservative-National Alliance. Anagnos was appointed as archon and grand logothete by Empress Stella II later that afternoon.

On 14 May 2022, Anagnos met with the Empress at the Imperial Palace to present his list of logothetes. All proposed logothetes received approval from the Empress and were sworn in the following day.


The Bouleuterion approved the Anagnos government on 16 May 2022 with 175 votes in favor, 160 against, and 15 abstentions. The government was supported by all members of the CNA and, due to a confidence and supply agreement between the CNA and PPP, all members of the PPP. The CNA and PPP votes combined resulted in 175 votes in favor, one short of the 176 vote majority in the Bouleuterion. Had all member of the opposition parties voted against the government, the vote would have failed.

During the lead up to the vote, leaders of the Democratic Coalition and Coalition of Progressive Socialists announced that their parties would be opposing the government. In a press release, the leader of the Republican Party announced that republican deputies would be free to vote how they wished. On 15 May 2022, one day prior to the vote, the leader of the Centrist Union told reporters that the party had not made a decision on how their deputies would vote. According to media reports, Anagnos placed a phone call to Centrist Union leader Lazaros Metaxas the morning of the vote, however the details of the call were not released. Prior to the vote beginning, Metaxas announced that his party would be abstaining, guaranteeing a majority in favor of the government.

16 May 2022
Investiture votes for Anagnos government
Vote Parties Votes
(Voting: 335 of 350,
Majority: 168)
☑Y Yes CNA (169), PPP (6)
175 / 335
☒N No DC (138), CPS (19), RP (3)
160 / 335
Abstention CU (13), RP (2)
15 / 350


Statements on Sydalene-Yisraeli relations

Council of Logothetes

Anagnos Government
(16 May 2022 – present)
Portfolio Name Party Took office Left office
Grand Logothete
Stephanos Anagnos CNA 13 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of the Archontia and Relations with the Bouleuterion
Spokesperson of the Government
Maria Bakoyannis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Kostis Venizelos CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of the Interior Dimitris Dendias CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of National Defense Stavros Avramopoulos CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Infrastructure and Transportation Euclid Varoufakis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Energy and the Environment Stergios Kotzias CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Justice Kyriakos Dendias CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of National Security Ivan Stathis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Health Anna Damanaki CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of the Treasury Persephone Pardou CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Education and Innovation Alexis Kouvelis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Culture, Sport, and Tourism Vasileia Karahaliou CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Agriculture Evangelos Sfakianakis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Labor and Social Affairs Bernice Boosali CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Commerce and Industry
Chairperson of the National Trade Commission
Leonidas Iliou CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Media and Communications Alexandros Rallis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Internal Development Spyridion Kallergis CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Logothete of Local and Provincial Governance Konstantinos Pulos CNA 16 May 2022 Incumbent
Also attending council meetings
President of the Crown Council Fotini, Grand Duchess of Ithaca Nonpartisan 9 April 1989 Incumbent
Attorney General Adara Boulou Nonpartisan 27 November 2007 Incumbent
General Secretary of the Imperial Offices Althea Contou Nonpartisan 27 November 2007 Incumbent
Head of the Military Chamber Adm. Arion Rodias, LN, Ret. Nonpartisan 27 November 2007 Incumbent