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Aerial view of Angrast
Aerial view of Angrast
Flag of Angrast
Official seal of Angrast
Coat of Arms
Sarkany Buzaka (Dragon Fall)
Country Drevstran
 • BodyCity Assembly
 • MayorJizak Marzesko
 • Rank2nd
 • Density5,155/km2 (13,350/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Metro

Angrast is the capital and second largest city of Drevstran. located at the center of the Drev Valley, it was built on the northern shore of the eponymous river but has since then expanded on both side of the waterway. It was first the capital of the Kingdom of the Drev established by the Lushyods of Worsak. After the fall of the Worsakids during the Ikonkivoyra, it would remain the most important agglomeration of the Sevromark. Under the Suvarov, it was made the seat of the Duchy of the Drev. When the duchy was claimed and conquerred by Farza IV, King of the Lushyods, he made Angrast into his new capital, elevating the city into its own principality. The city became so strongly associated with the central power of the Triple Crown that the control of Angrast became the main objective of most warring factions during the Drevstranese Civil War.

The city owes its development and importance to river trade along the Drev which linked Lake Kulpanitsa to the Periclean Sea and, ultimately, the Jade Road. Angrast is also the cultural capital of Drevstran and an important touristic destination through its strong architectural and cultural heritage that include museums presenting works dating back to the Iconoclast Natural School or the Eastern Renaissance.