Animated in Red (2021 Film)

Animated in Red
Theatrical release poster
Directed byEstevão Almeida Ramos
Produced byRaimon Homedes
Emanuel Vega
Written byEstevão Almeida Ramos
Screenplay byRosalia Torrus
Jorje Tinteo
Paulo Moniz
StarringLuca Resendes
Eliza Moura
Felicidade Castro
Arturo Santoria
Efraín Segundo
Andréia Cata Maciel
Palmira Freitas
Jesús Trejo
Estevão Almeida Ramos
Ibrahim Rashad
Music byLuis Maria
Edited byFrancisca Espinosa
Cine Dourada
Cine Dourada Animation
VDS Production Company
Distributed byCine Dourada (Paretia)
Release date
  • 20 August 2021 (2021-08-20) (Paretia)
  • 1 September 2021 (2021-09-01) (World)
Running time
139 minutes
Budget€3.2 million
Box office€41.7 million

Animated in Red (Luzelese: Animado em Rubro) is a 2021 Paretian fantasy action-adventure animated film directed and written by Estevão Almeida Ramos, starring Luca Resendes, Eliza Moura, and Felicidade Castro. Set in an alternate world where the world is ruled by a few with the power of mind control, it follows the young Cassio Veazo, who is torn between serving his father's empire or his friends and lead a rebellion, but things do not end up looking the way they seem.

The film is Ramos's first film as a director and a writer. The film was produced by Cine Dourada and Cine Dourada Animation, production started in 2019, it became the most expensive animated film in Paretian history. It released on 20 August 2021 in Paretia and 1st of September in the rest of the world. Animate in Red became the Paretian selection for the 82nd Montecara Film Festival on the 17th of October 2021


The story takes place in the 1910s, the world is ruled by the Ruby Irises, those born with the innate ability to control the minds of others, known as Animi, they are born with red irises. Sometime less than a century earlier, the Ruby Irises took over the world as one army, but eventually rule was divided between warring factions. These factions came to ruler four regions, North Coius, South Coius, Asterias, and Euclea, the latter being the most powerful of them.


The first scene takes place in a lavish hospital, a boy named Cassio is born, it cuts to black as the father smashes a table in rage. Rolling text explains how the Ruby Irises, those born with the ability of mind control, took over the world, and the Veazo family ended up ruling Euclea. 19 years later, Cassio Veazo (Luca Resendes) lives in Solaria, the capitol of his father's empire that rules all of Euclea. He was not born with Ruby Irises. He is friends with Georgia Zalino (Felicidade Castro), a non-Ruby Iris as well, he is seen talking with his father's friend and chief adviser, General Nackmar (Efraín Segundo), he asks him if why his father is fine with him being friends with a non-Ruby Iris. He tells him that his father had a change of heart after Cassio was born, and understands why he is close to her. Nackmar tells him his Ruby Iris friend Remy (Jesús Trejo) will be sent to battle anti-Ruby rebels, he assures him he will come back, and that for the meantime stick with Georgia. He says goodbye to Remy later that day.

Georgia and Cassio visit Cassio's father, Taddeo (Arturo Santoria), he is told that on the way to battle, Remy was killed by a spy. The news devastates Cassio, he leaves and stays with Georgia and her younger sister, Lydia (Eliza Moura), for the night. Cassio never met Lydia and she becomes very close to him and they eventually go on a date in the outskirts of Solaria. She reveals to him that she is a Ruby Iris, and that she wears contacts to keep her family from being reminded of the fact, Cassio mentions that he, a non-Ruby Iris, feels alienated by his family, and feels sympathy for her. Lydia tells Cassio that she and Georgia have thought of running away from their life in Solaria, and possibly join a rebel group. Cassio is surprised by this revelation and Lydia tells him he is all they can trust, and tells him he can have a choice to join them or not. That night he has a dream that his father was responsible for Remy's death and that Remy was secretly trying to defect and was killed for doing so, when he wakes up he sees the words "run" cut into his arm, Cassio takes it as a message from his friend to warn him. Cassio then joins Georgia and Lydia and runs away to the Aventines.

The group stops in Praproče, where they go eat at a restaurant. Cassio asks Lydia what it is like to have her powers, she explains that it is painful but also in a way givers her a high. She says the main and exhausting is why the world isn't enslaved by the Red Irises all the time. She also tells him that she can resist control from other Red Irises, and that she hopes that she will stop their rule. Georgia begins to laugh hysterically and has to leave. That night Cassio again has what he thinks is a dream, but he realizes its a hallucination, this time, he sees his father, Lydia, and Georgia, all on a fleet of ships, the ships of Georgia and his father sink, followed by a ship Cassio is standing on. Lydia rescues him as he drowns, he asks her to rescue the other two but she doesn't, he ends up leaving the hallucination and in the hands of Lydia.

The three arrive at a rebel base in the Aventines and meet rebel leader Nina Terov (Andréia Cata Maciel), she takes them in initially until Lydia's contacts fall off, revealing her ruby eyes. Nina sees this and immediately tries to shoot her but misses, Cassio and Georgia fire back and a small firefight begins. A Red Iris scout group overhears the battle and pinpoints the location of the rebel base, General Nackmar's forces are sent to attack it. In the firefight Nina suddenly fires her gun into her ranks and they begin to battle each other, she is killed in the fight, the trio escape but rebels chase them, and in front of them a division of Red Iris troops surround them. Lydia uses her powers to take control of both armies and pins them against each other, General Nackmar's Red Iris forces are unable to control her mind and they are all killed, including Nackmar. Nackmar falls to the ground and sees Cassio standing with Lydia, he is shocked. Cassio breaks down as Lydia tells him it is time to leave. They then go northward, presumably into Gaullica.

Cassio contemplates leaving, he begins to become jealous of Lydia's powers, as he was not born despite his family being all Ruby Irises. Here Cassio decides to run away back home, He has a hallucination that his father is headed to the Zalino house to kill their family, he goes there and sees their parents are not there. He sees a notebook with notes about gaining the power of the Ruby Iris, it was written by Lydia and Remy. It writes down that she resented her family and wanted to show the world what she was truly capable of, he reads one final paragraph. He realizes that Lydia gained powers by killing Remy. He runs to see his father, but he is there with Lydia. He tells him that he likes Lydia and believes he should marry her, as she has powers beyond that of many other Ruby Irises. Cassio becomes confused and asks where Georgia is, Lydia tells him she was a life-long hallucination of his.

Lydia after taking over the nation, preparing for war

Cassio realizes she is trying to trick him and his father but it is too late when she kills Taddeo and subsequently takes over the country, Cassio tries to use what he learned reading Lydia's notebook to try and stop her but fails and is imprisoned in Gaullica. Here he finds Georgia, they argue as Cassio as Cassio does not believe she is real, the two escape as Cassio finally begins to learn how to use his powers. They find out about Lydia's plan to take over the entire world. They convince the rebels to assist them again and go to the Aurean Straights where Lydia's armies await to invade Coius.

Here a final battle subsequently ensues as Lydia and Cassio use their powers of mind control to battle each other on a ship. Georgia arrives and the battle continues, the two fight over controlling Georgia, Lydia eventually starts to fault, but eventually Lydia gets the advantage and kills Georgia by simply not using mind control on her. Cassio, now enraged more than ever loses his posture and is defeated by Lydia and falls into the ocean. Lydia then continues her armies forward into battle with the Coian Red Iris armies. Leading to a "To Be Continued" cliffhanger.

Voice Cast

Top row: Luca Resendes and Eliza Moura
Bottom row: Arturo Santoria and Felididade Castro
  • Luca Resendes as Cassio Veazo, son of the ruler of Euclea, he was unfortunately not born as a Ruby Iris. He has had a troubled relationship with his family and has felt he is not worthy of his father's empire, he becomes distrustful of nearly everyone he knows over the time of the story. He eventually becomes convinced to support the rebellions against the Ruby Irises.
  • Eliza Moura as Lydia Zalina, the younger sister of Georgia, unlike the rest of her family, she was born a Ruby Iris. She eventually becomes very close with Cassio and dates him for a time. Her family has always worried that she would join the Red Irises and abandon them, leaving much distrust between her and them. However she is a very powerful Ruby Iris, as well as being resistant to being controlled herself. She is a supporter of the rebel cause.
  • Felicidade Castro as Georgia Zalina, the lifelong friend of Cassio, not a Ruby Iris. Her friendship with Cassio has lead to his father's government to let their family of normal humans go, she however is very much against their rule and convinces Cassio to run away with her and Lydia to join a rebel group.
  • Arturo Santoria as Taddeo Veazo, father of Cassio. He is the ruler of all of Euclea, a benevolent dictator whos rule was originally one with an iron fist, but later has come to feel sympathy for his citizens, but tries to stay in line with his father's expectations.
  • Palmira Freitas as Clara Veazo, Cassio's mother, she died many years before. It is unknown if she was a Ruby Iris like his father.
  • Efraín Segundo as General Nackmar, general of the Ruby Iris forces in Euclea, he is a close friend of Taddeo and has tried to help Cassio in times of distress.
  • Jesús Trejo as Captain Remy Desnard, a friend of Cassio and a Ruby Iris.
  • Ibrahim Rashad as Abbas, Ruby Iris leader of Northern Coius.
  • Andréia Cata Maciel as Nina Terov, a Soravian rebel leader.
  • Estevão Almeida Ramos as Carlos Da Amora, a Paretian rebel leader.



3."L'amore in Riva al Fiume"1:45
5."Risada Involuntária"2:20
6."Íris Rubro"2:30
7."Canto viagem Aventino"2:13
8."Noite para se Recordar"5:35
10."Mais para Lydia"1:31
11."Não consigo pensar"1:35
13."Pode ser?..."5:20
14."Morro Abaixo" 
15."L'amour en Prison" 
17."Confronto Com o Fim"5:40
18."Morte no Estreito" 
20."Fôlego de Vida"