82nd Montecara Film Festival

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82nd Montecara Film Festival
Official poster for the 2021 Festival
Official poster for the 2021 Festival
LocationÇinematèca di Stado, Montecara
AwardsBéco aùreoJocotero
Special Jury Prize –
Festival date17 – 24 October 2021
Montecara Film Festival chronology

The 82nd Montecara Film Festival was held from 17 to 24 October 2021. Nineteen films were included in the official selection, with the entry from Ardesia, Jocotero, winning the Béco aùreo. Two films, Nascent Love from Etruria and The Cat from Eldmark, were awarded a Special Jury Prize.


Official selection

Highlighted title indicates Béco aùreo winner.
Title Original title Country of origin Synopsis
101 Ways to ruin a life 101 Wege ein Leben zu ruinieren  Alsland A teen drama that follows high-school student Yosi Hoelder after she is publicly blackmailed and forced to do embarrassing acts to prevent personal information being leaked to her school alongside 9 others.
The Tall Grass 키큰풀
 Ansan A war film set in the Dakian War, where a small band of students stage a desperate last stand against the Ajahadyan army.
Jocotero Jocotero  Ardesia A black-and-white drama film set in the early Estado Novo, following the life of a Vespasian-Ardesian family in Rémont between 1961-1962.
Senria Girl Senryuu Laṛkī  Arthasthan A romantic drama set in the in the 1990s about the fraught relationship of an interethnic Arthani and Senrian couple and the fallout that their relationship brings to their community.
Women Hold Half The Sky Frauen Halden ân Halb âb de Hemel  Azmara A political drama detailing the 2003 Workers' Party leadership election and the rise of candidates Eleina Helmutsdohter and Niina Hermansdohter, their rivalry and their status as the first and second female Thingspeakers of Azmara.
Last Summer Breath Последні Отдіх Лета
(Poslédni Otdih Léta)
 Bistravia A tragic car accident brings families of three young people together, and as they face grief and anger, secrets from the past are revealed, forcing the children and the parents to make difficult decisions.
The Cat Kattern  Eldmark A feral sand cat explores the smoke-filled boom towns of the Eldmarsk frontier and, after finding himself ensnared in one of its most savage machinations, helps a young indigenous girl and her family escape the clutches of one of Eldmark's many forced integration centers.
Animus animus  Estmere An artificial inelligence becomes self-aware and embarks on a journey of discovery to encover their lost creators, better understand the world, and explore the meaning of life.
Nascent Love Amore Nascente  Etruria A successful Etrurian woman has her life turned upside after a brief affair with a colleague. She must make the most important decision of her life, but the clock is ticking.
River Fiume  Gapolania An elderly couple travels into deep forest to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, only to discover an isolated Chanuche village, where they witness a series of paranormal activities.
Before Me, The Flood Devant Moi, Le Déluge  Gaullica After the end of humanity, a man struggles with his guilt as he travels the destroyed streets of Verlois and attempts to escort a fellow survivor back to her safe-zone.
Animated In Red Animado em Rubro  Paretia Set in an alternate history where the world is ruled by those blessed with the ability to control the mind of others. A young man must decide who to trust and who to distrust as he runs away from his father, a ruler of this dystopian world.
The Fallen The Fallen  Satavia A young woman finds her life turned upside down when Nuvania invades Satavia during the Great War, prompting her husband and two brothers to join the resistance.
Full Moon Rising Fullt tungl rís  Scovern After a storm lays waste to a group of merchants' ships, four of them struggle to cope with each other's motives and personalities whilst aboard a small escape vessel.
Communion of Blood 띠노싸까수끼고또
(Ti no Sakazukigoto)
 Senria A member of a 1970s yakuza gang struggles with the abrupt suicide of his father, an elder member of the gang; his desire to leave the criminal life; his loyalty to his comrades-in-arms; and his fascination with the sadistic dekasegi who becomes the gang's new leader.
Pulse Пульс
 Soravia A docudrama following the story of Sergei Statnik and the Orbitas-A17J mission, where Statnik achieved the first ever successful "spacewalk" and gave renewed vigour to humanity's exploration and documentation of outer space.
Joy in the Silence Pадост в Тишината
(Radost v Tishinata)
Tengaria A documentary attempting to capture the joy and peace in the ascetic lives of the monks of the Monastery of the Incarnate Logos.
Broken Arrow Зламана стріла
(Zlamana Strila)
 Vinalia In a Dystopian future, a secretive police force, the Arrow. Is used to maintain law and order for an authoritarian regime. Resistance from the future makes a last ditch attempt to prevent the end of humanity and stop the Arrow by activating the "Broken Arrow".
Functionalists on the Moon Fonctionnalistes sur la Lune  Yemet Three Yemeti officers in the Gaullican Tirailleurs Bahiens question the loyalties of their Gaullican superiors and their own loyalties following the surrender of Gaullica in the Great War.