Anterian Alliance Defence Organization

The AADO has been disbanded as of 2019. We thank all those who has been here since the start. - Sharkdonia

MottoIn unity we fight, the alliance for all
Formation17 December 2005
TypeMutual Defense Pact / Economic Alliance
Template:Country data Aselious
Template:Country data Ninals
Official language
Head of Alliance
Template:Country data Aselious Emperor Micaelos I
Vice Head of the Alliance
Agarntrop Jo Belina


The AADO is an alliance organization created mainly for defense purposes on the planet of Anteria. It was founded in 2005, by the Emperor of Aselious. Originally created as a defense alliance, it has been expanded to include its own joint space program, humanitarian aid program, and arms development initiative.


Head of Alliance

The highest position in the alliance, it is currently held by the Emperor of Aselious, the founder of the AADO. The Head of the Alliance has the right to call meetings and start projects. The Head also has the right to appoint other, lower-ranked leadership positions.

Vice Head of Alliance

The second highest position, it is currently held by Agarntrop, the co-founder of the AADO. The Vice Head has mostly the same permissions as the Head of Alliance, except that they are subordinate to the Head of Alliance.

Chief of Assembly Operations

The Chief of the Assembly Operations is the leader of the assembly, a branch of the AADO where members vote to either pass or reject resolutions. They maintain order among the members while discussion is happening, and record votes. They also ensure the resolution is understood and properly worded, along with keeping the papers in order. The position is currently held by Joningheim.

Head of Ministry

The Head of Ministry is the leader of the Ministry branch, a branch that handles internal and foreign issues relating to the AADO. The Head of Ministry calls on members when asked, and allows everyone to voice their opinions. Once done, a resolution is drafted by the members, then passed to the Assembly for vote. The position is currently held by Axmanie.

Head of Representatives

The Head of Representatives handles inter-alliance relations, and represents the AADO when meeting with other alliances. They discuss with fellow representatives deals between alliances and how relations will be handled and executed. The role is currently occupied by Ninals, after Paslin left to take over the position of Head of Foreign Affairs over Lesser Velutaria.

Head of Foreign Affairs

The Head of Foreign Affairs deals with making peace treaties, deals, and agreements. Usually involved with any war or trade deal, they accept and draft deals and treaties for the AADO, and take suggestions from members states on what to write to spin it into a workable deal. The role is now occupied by Paslin, after Lesser Velutaria left the alliance.


The secretaries are responsible for writing down information for later use, and recording what decision is chosen in any meeting. They may also advise their superior, and assist them in getting papers, information, and other items. There are three roles, each for each branch of the AADO, and they are currently held by Lennian Row, Telarnia, and Southern Interia.

Current Programs

As of 2005, 4 main programs have been started.

Joint Operation Alliance Base

One of the first programs to be started, the goal of the program was to create an advanced military base on Agarntrop's borders as a place to train and rally troops for war if one should occur. It was completed a few years after the creation of the alliance, and is chiefly operated by the founders of the AADO. A vote has been held and it has been agreed that more bases shall be built over the next few years in different nations of the AADO to expand the AADO's reach and improve the AADO's ability to respond to threats.

Arms Development Pact

The Arms Development Pact (ADP) is a weapons development program aimed at created alliance weapons that can be used or produced by any member. This program was created to help smaller, less developed armies to get a leg up, while also standardizing equipment for all armies in the AADO, helping maintenance proceed much more efficiently should the nations have to band together when going to war, as parts will be much less varied and every crew can understand how to repair any equipment of the armies.

Two prototypes, the MBT-1 and the AFV-1, have been revealed to the public and are starting testing.

Alliance Humanitarian Resource Council

The Alliance Humanitarian Resource Council (AHRC) is a humanitarian aid program created for the purpose of assisting the needy worldwide. The council would hand out all types of aid, from monetary to food and water.

On the first of March, 2019, the AHRC Council was finally established, with all positions filled out.

United Space Program

First proposed by the nation Junterland, the United Space Program (USP) is a program that will link the space programs of the AADO nations together in order to explore the final frontier, space. It aims to develop rockets, satellites, and other space craft for research purposes.

On the first of March, 2019, the USP's head staff was selected, and another 6 council member positions opened for voting.


Over the years of its creation, the AADO has been through a couple conflicts. They are listed below.

The Peoples' Free Intervention

Following the outbreak of the Vonein Civil War, rebels fleeing Vonein entered the Peoples' Free (Now the Noviran Confederacy) and received safety and aid from rebels in the Peoples' Free. These same rebels went on to start a civil war in the Peoples' Free in an attempt to overthrow and assume control of the Peoples' Free government, with the aim to turn it into another nation controlled by the rebels.. The AADO intervened by sending troops into the conflict from the sea after the Vice Head Agarntrop called a meeting to decide whether to enter the war, where the nations at the meeting agreed that the intervention was necessary. The conflict ended with the Peoples' Free regaining control, changing their name to the Noviran Confederacy, and accepting a membership offer to join the AADO.

The Demitor Conflict

After the killing of 5 Agarntrop families in Demitor over a trade conflict, Agarntrop called a meeting, in which it was agreed that the AADO should prepare for conflict against Demitor. Battle plans were still being drawn when Demitor instead decided to ask for peace, which was agreed upon. It was agreed that all WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) that Demitor possessed would be given up, along with restrictions to the military budget of Demitor and the payment of a couple million marks (Demitor currency) to Agarntrop for the deaths of the civilians in Demitor. In the end, Demitor changed sides again and decided not to abide by the rules, where at this point the Head of the Alliance, Aselious, decided to stop pursuing the matter and instead leave Demitor be.


Currently, the AADO has a total of 47 nations. There are different roles that a nation may take in the AADO.

AADO Member

A full-fledged member that is required to help out fellow AADO members whenever needed. Of the 47 nations, almost all are of this tier.

Nation with Membership Action Plan

Nations considered for membership, but haven't met a set of criteria (TBA) yet. They may still cooperate with the AADO.

Partnership and Coordination Plan

Nations that aren't considered for membership, but are friendly and are more of partners in the alliance that may help whenever they want.

4 of the 47 nations are part of AADO's Partnership and Co-ordination Plan.

Counter-terrorism Partners

Nations that are only partnered with the AADO to counter-act terrorism.

Official Allies

Nations that are from allied alliances. They do not need to participate in any roles above.