Armed Forces of the Syaran Republic

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Armed Forces of the Syaran Republic
Vooruženi sili na Republika Sjaran
Insignia of the VRS
Founded10 August 1875
Disbanded1 January 1988
President of the Syaran RepublicKrunislav Mircevski (last)
Minister of DefenseDako Yordanov Valerieva (last)
General of the ArmyHristofor Razvigorov (last)
Military age17–50
ConscriptionYes, during wartime
Active personnel14,000,000 (1936)
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The Armed Forces of the Syaran Republic (Syaran: Vooruženi sili na Republika Sjaran) also commonly known as the Syaran Republic Armed Forces was the military service of the Republic of Syara. The VRS was founded shortly after the Unification of Syara in 1875 and officially dissolved after the end of the Refusal War in 1988.

The VRS replaced the armed forces of the Syaran succesor states that emerged in the aftermath of the fall of the Arkoennite Empire in the 18th century and was originally intended to counter the threat of the Ruvelkan Socialist Republic that had emerged in the Ruvelkan-Makedonian War. The VRS was composed of two branches; the Army of the Syaran Republic and the Navy of the Syaran Republic. The VRS never officially established an independent air force; the role of aerial warfare was carried out by the Syaran Army Air Corps, which was officially subordinate to the Army, though by the 1950s the Air Corps was in practice its own branch. The VRS saw extensive service in various conflicts throughout its history, the largest of which was the Siduri War from 1934 to 1938. At its peak in 1936, the VRS numbered over 14.5 million men and women across its branches and auxiliarly units, the largest national military force fielded in history.

Forced to disband most of its formations and hand over much of its military equipment in accordance with the Treaty of Debrecen, the VRS would continue to exist in a much diminished form for the remainder of the duration of the Republic. The VRS effectively ceased to exist as a cohesive fighting force following the outbreak of the Refusal War as its various forces and personnel took up arms on both sides of the conflict. It was officially dissolved in 1988 and replaced with the Syaran Commonality Armed Forces.