Navy of the Syaran Republic

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Navy of the Syaran Republic
Морнарица на Република Сијар
Mornarica na Republika Sijar
Insignia of the MRS
MottoNo sea too vast, no storm too strong.
Founded10 August 1875
Disbanded1 January 1988
President of the Syaran RepublicKrunislav Mircevski (last)
Minister of DefenseDako Yordanov Valerieva (last)
Grand Admiral of the NavyAnte Nikšić (last)
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The Navy of the Syaran Republic (Mornarica na Republika Sijar, also known commonly as the Syaran Republic Navy) was the Navy of the Republic of Syara from 1875-1988. The navy played a significant role during the history of the Syaran Republic, most noticably during the Divide War. At it's peak in 1934 the MRS was the third largest navy in Tyran.

Founded after the Unification of Syara, the navy was origianlly a small force focused mostly on coastal defense with the only major naval threat considered to be neighboring Ruvelka. By the turn of the century the navy possed a large number of vessels but no capital ships, the bulk of the fleet made up of frigates, light cruisers, patrol craft, torpedo boats and minelayers. The outbreak of the Divide War however forced a confrontation with the Cacertian Royal Navy, then the most powerful naval force in Tyran. Unable to face the Cacertians in open battle, the MRS adopted an assymetric strategy focused on hit-and-run tactics and extensive use of submersibles and mines to avoid pitched engagements with the Cacertian heavy warships. This strategy proved succesful, with the slower Cacertian surface ships unable to engage the lighter and faster Syaran ships in the straight forward decisive engagement doctrine the Cacertian navy was centered around.

Despite the successful tactics, after the war the Navy began to expand its fleet in hopes of avoiding another situation similar to the one that resulted in the Desopya Campaign. Accelerated by the Presidency of Sasko Anastasov, the Syaran Navy rapidly grew in size with the construction of dozens of battleships, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, and destroyers, until it posessed the third largest fleet in Tyran, behind only Cacerta and Ossoria. Following the beginning of the Siduri War the navy was focused largely on the Western Theater, occasionally skirmishing with the Cacertian Navy in the Sundering Sea. The Navy's largest force, the Syaran National Fleet would ultimately suffer a decisive defeat in the Battle of the Sabri Sea, during which it lost many of it's capital ships and thousands of officers and crew. For the remainder of the war the fleet would remain mostly in Syaran waters, venturing only occasionally to skirmish off the coast of 'Mansuriyyah, although it played the role of "fleet-in-being" by forcing the Cacertian Admiralty to abandon plans for a blockade of Syara. The conclusion of the war with the Treaty of Debrecen stipulated that the fleet was to be transferred over to the nations of the Common Axis, but the Syarans scuttled their own ships instead.

The MRS would remain a minor force for the remainder of it's existence, focused mostly on littoral defense and protecting Syara's economic-exclusion zone. The MRS was officially disbanded after the end of the Refusal War and replaced with the Syaran Commonality Navy.