Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies

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Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies
FormationMarch 12, 1813
TypeNon-governmental humanitarian organization
PurposeHumanitarian aid
HeadquartersCarigrad, Nikolia
Region served
President of the Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies
Jovan Aksentijevic
Main organ
Astyrian Committee of Red Cross

The Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies (abbr. AFRC) is international non-governmental humanitarian organisation that assembles National Societies with the joint purposes of protecting human life and health, ensuring respect for all human beings, and preventing and alleviating human suffering. The headquarters of the organisation is located in the Palace of the Red Cross in Carigrad, Nikolia.

The AFRC acts before, during and after disasters and health emergencies to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people. It does so with impartiality as to nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, class and political opinions. The AFRC also acts during the wartime in order to promote peace between the two (or more) sides at war and to protect victims of the international and internal armed conflicts, which include refugees, prisoners of war, civilians and other non-combatants.


Astyria's first Red Cross society was established in Nikolia, in 1812, in the aftermath of the Bernadottic Wars, which were the largest conflict Astyria had seen up to then. Several more societies were established the following year in Berique, Kobolis and other countries involved in the wars. The AFRC was established in 1813 to organise these diverse societies. For the first seventy years of its existence, the AFRC and its constituent societies concerned themselves almost exclusively with providing aid and relief in wartime. However, following the Halith Disaster in southern Trellin, the AFRC sent considerable support to the stricken city, ultimately leading to the creation of the organisation's civilian branch.


  • In 2016, the Aquitaynian Ministry of Defense awarded the Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies the Humanitarian Service Medal, in total awarding it to over 4,000 individuals that were working in Insula Fera to provide food, water, and basic necessities to the people who were trapped there over the course of the conflict. The citation reads, "For their unparalleled humanitarian efforts in Insula Fera and their uncompromising resolve to ensure peace, health and safety to any and all who require it."