Basic Law of Rwizikuru

The Basic Law of Rwizikuru (weRwizi: Mutemo wekutanga weRwizikuru) is the basic law of Rwizikuru, adopted in 1964 to replace the constitution after the dissolution of the republic by Izibongo Ngonidzashe, who replaced it with the monarchy.

Text (original, October 1964)


With the rapid changes threatening at our nation's sovereignty, both by the Euclean powers, and the Irfanic imperialist forces, it is clear that the Euclean-imposed governmental system has become too weak for our nation to withstand these pressures. Therefore, we proclaim the establishment of the Kingdom of Rwizikuru.


The duties of the Mambo include allocating and distributing resources for the effective operation of the veRwizi nation, acting in a dignified and righteous manner befitting that of a Mambo, to receive people to help them address their grievances, and to represent the nation.

To this end, the Mambo shall receive all necessary powers, including the powers of the former National Assembly of Rwizikuru, the powers of the former presidency, and the powers of the judiciary, in order to fulfill his duties to govern the veRwizi nation.

Likewise, all male descendants of the brother the father of the nation, excluding those disqualified, shall be eligible to inherit the throne of Rwizikuru.


The law of the Kingdom of Rwizikuru shall be based on the common law traditions of Estmere and of the Republic of Rwizikuru. To ensure continuity, all laws passed by the former National Assembly of Rwizikuru and colonial legislatures shall remain in effect unless otherwise repealed or contradicted by recent legislation made by the Mambo.

The Mambo has the power to fulfill the needs of the veRwizi nation by being the final court of appeal, to alter laws and sentences as the need arises, and to introduce new legislation to protect the veRwizi nation.

Social policy

To ensure the development of an independent weRwizi nation, free from imperialistic and Irfanic influences, the social policy must be made to ensure that:

  • All education takes place in the sole official and national language, weRwizi, in all stages of life
    • Foreign-language classes can still be taught
  • Healthcare shall be free for all people in the Kingdom of Rwizikuru

With these two caveats in mind, the Mambo may pass any other social policy to help ensure the maintenance of a sovereign veRwizi nation, and to ensure his subject's continued loyalty.

Continuity and amendments

The following portions of the republican constitution shall remain in effect:

In addition, all amendments to the Basic Law shall be accomplished via ordinary decree from the Mambo.