President of Rwizikuru

President of Rwizikuru
StyleHis Excellency
ResidencePresidential Palace, Port Fitzhubert, Rwizikuru
Term lengthTwo terms of four years (1946-1960)
Three terms of four years (1960-1964)
None (1964-1968)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Rwizikuru
Inaugural holderZophar Bohannon
Formation2 December, 1946
Final holderIzibongo Ngonidzashe
Abolished2 December, 1968
SuccessionMambo of Rwizikuru
DeputyVice-President of Rwizikuru

The President of Rwizikuru (weRwizi: President weRwizikuru) was the head of state of Rwizikuru between Rwizikuru's independence in Estmere in 1946, and the establishment of the Rwizikuran monarchy in 1968. As was envisioned by the Constitution of Rwizikuru, it was meant to be an executive presidency, and thus, it served as both the head of state, and head of government.

In the event of incapacity of the sitting President, it was envisioned that the Vice-President would become Acting President, while if the President died in office, or resigned, the Vice-President would automatically become President. However, it only came into effect with the 1963 coup d'etat that removed Vudzijena Nhema from power, where the Rwizikuran Armed Forces allowed his Vice-President, Pierre-Ardachir Niyonzima to take power.

List of Presidents

President Term of office Political Party Elected Vice-President
Portrait Name
Took Office Left Office Days
RwizikuruFlag.PNG • President of the Republic of RwizikuruRwizikuruFlag.PNG
1 William Tubman 1943.jpg Zophar Bohannon
2 December, 1946 2 December, 1954 2922 MABIR 1946
Alistair Perry
2 Joshua Nkomo (1978).jpg Vudzijena Nhema
2 December, 1954 3 November, 1963 3258 RNM

Pierre-Ardachir Niyonzima
3 Balewa.jpg Pierre-Ardachir Niyonzima
3 November, 1963 18 January, 1964 76 Independent none Nhoro Mwaruwari
UBRflag.png • Chairman of the National Salvation Council of RwizikuruUBRflag.png
4 Izibongocampaign54.jpg Izibongo Ngonidzashe
18 January, 1964 1 June, 1968 1596 Military none Fred Ngonidzashe