Monarchy of Rwizikuru

Mambo of Rwizikuru
Ngonidzashe III
since 21 September, 2019
Heir apparentKorona muchinda Tavonga Ngonidzashe
First monarchNgonidzashe I
Formation1 June, 1968
ResidenceImba yoRudzi, Guta raMambo

Rwizikuru is an absolute monarchy ruled by the Mambo (weRwizi for King), established in 1968 by President Izibongo Ngonidzashe after he reached the end of his second term as President of Rwizikuru. His descendants continue to rule over Rwizikuru today as the House of Ngonidzashe.

Until 2020, they served as absolute monarch, serving as both the head of state and head of government of Rwizikuru. Since the passage of the 2020 constitution, the monarch serves as a constitutional monarch, and only as a head of state, with the Mutungamiri serving as head of government.

Rights and duties

According to the Rwizikuran Basic Law, which superseded the Constitution of Rwizikuru in 1968, the Mambo was an absolute monarch, with executive, legislative, and judicial power. Thus, he had the power to appoint and remove officials at His Majesty's pleasure, to institute legislation, and to serve as "the final arbiter" in legal disputes, as well as the right to pardon criminals, without being held accountable to the people.

However, the duties of the monarch, according to the Rwizikuran Basic Law, included allocating resources "for the efficient operation of the veRwizi nation," to "act in a dignified and righteous manner befitting a King," and to allow ordinary people to come to the Mambo to try and get their grievances addressed.

However, under the current Constitution of Rwizikuru, the Mambo's powers were significantly reduced and transferred to the newly-created position of Mutungamiri, although the Mambo still remains the head of state of Rwizikuru. The only powers he still maintains is the right to pardon criminals (excluding those convicted on corruption and heinous crimes), and to legislate matters concerning the ruling House of Ngonidzashe or the line of succession.

In addition, he is obliged to be "a chiefly figure for the veRwizi people," as he is seen to be an important leader of the veRwizi people.

List of Rwezikuran monarchs

King Portrait Lived Relationship with predecessor Ruled from Ruled until
Ngonidzashe I
Izibongo Ngonidzashe
IzibongoNgonidzashe75.jpg 1921-1979 none 1 June, 1968 21 September, 1979
Ngonidzashe II
Kupakwashe Ngonidzashe
Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo at the White House in 2014.jpg 1942- son of Izibongo Ngonidzashe 21 September, 1979 21 September, 2019
Ngonidzashe III
Munashe Ngonidzashe
Munashe2018.jpg 1969- son of Kupakwashe Ngonidzashe 21 September, 2019 incumbent

Line of succession

The line of succession of Rwizikuru is based off of agnatic primogeniture, with females and their descendants excluded from the line of succession. According to the Rwizikuran Basic Law, all male descendants of Munonzwa Ngonidzashe, shall be eligible to succeed to the throne, unless disqualified by the reigning monarch.


  1. Was disinherited in 2020 due to his "severe developmental delays."
  2. He and his descendants were stripped of their positions of the line of succession in 2013, due to him being an illegitimate child of Munashe Ngonidzashe and Ophelia Barnes, and his "attraction of unwanted attention" to the "decadence" of the Rwizi royal family.