Bay of Bashurat

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Bay of Bashurat
View of South China Sea.jpg
A view of the bay from Kumezima island in northern Senria
LocationSouth-western Coius
Ocean/sea sourcesLumine Ocean
Basin countriesBaekjeong, Senria, Subarna, Xiaodong
Max. length1,288 kilometres (800 mi)
Max. width1,736 kilometres (1,079 mi)
Surface area1,840,707 square kilometres (710,701 sq mi)
Average depth1,827 metres (5,994 ft)
Max. depth4,240 metres (13,910 ft)
Water volume3,362,972 cubic kilometres (806,820 cu mi)

The Bay of Bashurat is a major gulf that lies in the south-eastern Lumine Ocean in southwestern Coius. It spans from the western tip of Satria to the Hsi Pei district in Jindao, and is the largest bay in the world by area and volume. The Bay of Bashurat has a maximum length of 1,288 km, a maximum width of 1,736 km, an average depth of 1,827 metres and a volume of over 3 million cubic kilometres.

Four countries share coastlines on the Bay of Bashurat, Subarna, Baekjeong, Xiaodong and Senria. The bay is adjacent to the Lumine Ocean and Honghai Sea, and also has known deposits of crude oil, which often makes for tense geopolitics in the area.


The bay itself is named after the river and valley of the same time, both of which are located in eastern Satria and span into the Great Steppe in central Coius. The bay still takes on many different names in the languages of countries situated around the Bashurat, including: