The Book of Benestil is the first book of Tredashio Series and within Imedio Honour. The Book of Benestil is considered the oldest work and is translated from Maradisoban Tablets that was an Akannite account of traditions. It is a picking of secular traditions that were picked by the Nanavan Sabaphos.

The introduction of Benestil is about Akannite interpersonal relationships, and the reverence of the Sabaphos as an absolute authority. Benestil bestows several ancient traditions that date back to the Pre-Timeless Era. Benestil chronicles the story of Maradisoban faith and is considered to be the incomplete introduction to Maradisoban canon. Benestil fails to pinpoint the creation of Maradisoban canon, however several authors outside of the works of Benestil have portrayed interpretations of how the Akannus were created. Due to the Second Order of K'vari being secular, the Book of Benestil is considered to be Maradisoban and as a result outside of the context of Imedio Honour, not appropriate for a K'vari Severibi to read according to the prohibitions of the Navanan Sabaphos.

The beginning of Benestil talks of the Construction of K'anama, which in Maradisoban canon is considered a revered building that is the host of their religion. During this time, the First Sabaphos of the First Order of K'vari was formed after Solomon the Wise, known as the Solomonite Sabaphos. Solomon the Wise wrote the traditions that were recorded in Benestil, giving Benestil Solomonian Authorship. The remainder of the Book of Benestil is written about legal codes. The remainder of the Tredashio Series would be written by the Solomonite Sabaphos as directed by Solomon the Wise.


I. Laws of Akannite Relations

A. Akannus Men
1-3. Akannus Men and Akannus Women
4-6. Bond Formation
7-10. Non-Akannus
B. Akannite Purity
1-4. Purity of Akannus Men
5-8. Purity of Akannus Women
9. Tainting of Purity
C. Purification
1-3. Ritual Offering
4-7. Peace Offering

II. Laws of the Sabaphos

A. Ordination of the Sabaphos
1. Sabaphos Ordination Method