Manduul Temüjin

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Manduul Temujin
Manduul Temüjin in military regalia.png
10th Bogd Gegeen
Assumed office
15 January, 2018
Preceded byJampal Namdröl Chökyi Gyaltsen
Khan of All Mongolia
Assumed office
11 July, 2019
Preceded byBogd Khan
Tsar of All Russia
Assumed office
17 November, 2019
Personal details
Born (2006-07-09) July 9, 2006 (age 18)
Hovd, Mongolian Republic

Manduul Temüjin, sometimes called Manduul Temüjin Khan or Manduul Temüjin, Tsar Batu II in Russia, and born Nyamaagiin Khaltar, is the 10th Bogd Gegeen and current Khan of All Mongolia. Born to a middle-class family in the Mongolian Republic, he was identified in 2019 by the 14th Dalai Lama as the 10th Bogd Gegeen, and hence the Khan of All Mongolia.

Early Life

The future Khan was born as Nyamaagiin Khaltar to a middle-class family in the city of Hovd. His father, Navaandorjiin Nyamaagal, was a civil servant in the municipal government of Hovd. Khaltar was educated at a local public school, and was noted for his aptitude in various languages.


After the death of Jampal Namdröl Chökyi Gyaltsen, the exiled 9th Bogd Gegeen, in 2004, the 14th Dalai Lama announced that he and his advisors had begun their search for his reincarnation. Khaltar was identified in 2017, and his formal anoiting ceremony was held in early 2018. The ascension of a new individual to the traditional Mongol throne led to calls for the formal reinstatement of the monarchy, an idea which received the support of the governing Greater Mongolia Movement. The government, therefore, announced a referendum for February 15th, 2019, in which voters would choose between a republic and a constitutional monarchy. After a heated debate, the "constitutional monarchy" option won by 56% to 44%, and Khaltar was coronated on 11 July, 2019, as Manduul Temüjin Khan, the 10th Bogd Gegeen and Khan of All Mongolia.


During his reign, Manduul Temüjin has endeavoured to stay politically neutral, and does not involve himself in the day-to-day affairs of the Mongol Uls. Nonetheless, he has engaged in activities such as meeting with foreign dignitaries, campaigning for environmental protections, and advocating for LGBTQ rights.

Personal Life

As the Bogd Gegeen, Manduul Temüjin is a Tibetan Buddhist lama and is sworn to the Pratimoksha vows. He is required to abstain from alcohol, must stay celibate, and may not eat after noon. He also receives no monetary income; rather, a trust fund pays for his daily necessities and expenses.