Cabinet of Emerstari

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The Cabinet of Emerstari is a group within the Royal Court of Emerstari which consists of the highest ranking officers of government beneath the monarch himself, from whom they derive their power. Oftentimes, the Cabinet is considered the foremost group in the Royal Court, but some consider the Privy Council to be of equal rank. Members of the Cabinet are known as the Great Lords (Emerstarian: Storar Herrer), or Great Officers (Storar Embættrer) in the case of untitled holders. Observers of the cabinet are known as the Younger Lords (Ungra Herrer), or Younger Officers (Ungra Embættrer).

The current Cabinet was established by Erik XII Georg in 1994 when he ascended to the throne, but various officers have been appointed and/or removed since then.

Current officers


Incumbent Cabinet Position Executive Department(s) Office(s)
Þéodor Olof Strand,
Duke of Østreland
Lord Steward
19 June 2022
Ministry of Home Affairs
est. 1727
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
est. 1727
Lars Ulrik Sorensson Master Treasurer
20 September 1994
HM's Treasury
est. 1000s
Chairman of the Board of the

  • Master Treasurer: Lars Ulrik Sorensson
    • HM's Treasury
  • Lord Marshal: Þjoþerik Johann Kælhjalm, Duke of Bergland
    • HM's Army, HM's Air Force
  • Lord Admiral: Lorens Rudolf Ljundstrøm, Earl of Ljundstrøm
    • Admiralty
  • Master Sheriff: Georg Ingolf Oskarsson
    • Ministry of Justice
  • Lord Postmaster: Henrik Petter Leuen, Duke of Vårmborg


  • Lord Comptroller: Josef Ingolf Borgerstyrer, Earl of Holt
    • Household of the Monarch
  • Lord Chamberlain: Frederik Gustaf Petter Fjellborg, Duke of Fjellborg